Thursday, July 31, 2014

Theron's Deep Dish Pizza

Ever since my sister made her pizza video for Cooking With Us, Theron has been obsessed with making pizzas.

The other night he decided to try his hand at altering the dough recipe a bit and making a deep dish pizza.

Boy did he succeed!

Look at that puppy! --->

I took most of the photos with my cell so sorry if the quality isn't the greatest. I also started taking them after he was done making the dough, but I can provide the recipe for you at the bottom.

Let's do our photo post!

Theron mixes the dough, ingredients already added.
(2 cups self-rising flour, 1 pack yeast, 1 egg, 
olive oil by eye, salt to taste, 1ish cup of water, 1 T of sugar)

More after the jump!

What? I'm just mixing stuff up over here :)

 He rolled it up and covered it for an hour.

Meanwhile, I marinated the chicken we were going to put on top.
This is a combination of Herdez Casera salsa, Original Rotel, mild enchilada sauce, 
La Victoria green salsa, and Mrs Renfro's JalapeƱo salsa.
It also happens to be delicious!

Theron decided to make a separate sauce for the pizza, 
so he chopped up some tomatoes and dropped them in the Ninja (of course!) 

 I believe he used 4 tomatoes, and of course added salt.
He then blended them down.

And added half a large white onion and three cloves of garlic and blended them down.

He strained it to make a thick sauce.

And added a little salsa.
Called "Hot Mess" from Wisconsin - sent to us from our bestie in NYC no less!

He decided we needed the other toppings sauteed, but separately from the chicken.

He sauteed some delicious mushrooms and jalapeno strips.

Then the dough was ready to be rolled out. 

He made it into a thick disk...

And put it into a baking tin.
"Trust me, this will work!"

Then he rolled a strip to put around the sides

Now he covers the bottom with the marinara sauce he made.

Good job!

He started topping with the mushrooms and peppers he sauteed.

Lookin' good!

Then on went some of my cooked chicken slices.

More chicken!!

He decided fresh tomatoes would be fun.

Then goes the mozzarella.

Loads of it!

Then on went pepperoni.

And a fair amount of Parmesan as well!

Yes, we both know you're crazy.
Please take note of Brigly just hanging around ^^

Then it was ready to go in!

His shot of it. 
Why the singular pepperoni?
Idk, he's an artiste ;)

And then after about 45 min at 400 degrees, it came back out!


 His photo and color are way better than the pix from my cell.
Pretty, huh?

Will it stay together? 

Sheer craziness!

Happy his pan-plan worked out!
Good job, boo!

This pizza is crazy thick!

From another angle

Yes, we photo'd it quite a lot.

 What's happening over there?
I couldn't possibly be stealing a piece of chicken!!

Theron's photo of a side slice.

I think a piece will be sufficient!

 It was definitely loaded down, and all the ingredients made it really
tasty and fun!

I think Chicago deep-dish pizza makers would be proud :)

Well done, boo!

After the recipe, stay tuned for How-to-Put-Brigly-in-His-Brigly-Bag!



2 cups self-rising flour, 
1 pack yeast,
1 egg, 
olive oil "by eye", 
salt to taste,
1-ish cup water, 
1T of sugar 

- mix well until it forms a dough, cover and let sit for an hour.
- knead and form a thick disc


4 tomatoes
1/2 large white onion
3 cloves garlic

- strain and add some of your fave salsa

When you're ready, put the dough disc into a tall baking pan, and add enough to make sides as well.

We topped ours with:

Sauteed mushrooms and sliced peppers (jalapeno)Marinated, sauteed chicken.
Fresh Mozzarella

Then we baked it at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or until done.

It comes out just flaky enough to be delicious.

How to put Brigly in his Brigly Bag
(Like a Pro!) 

First, hold your Brigly like so.

Then, gently ease him butt-first into the bag.

Gently now, make sure his feet don't get caught.

And voila, Brigly is happy in his little sack.

 And he says, "Hello!"

And I say, ciao for now!


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