Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cooking With Us: e09: Tom Kha Kai

Time for another Cooking With Us - and this time we tackle a Thai dish on our own! 

Well, with the exception of my friend Nee answering a question for me via facebook ^-^

What did we whip up?  One of my favorite soups of all time - Tom Kha Kai!  (Aka Tom Kha Gai) 

As you can see via the photo on the right, there were more ingredients than I normally saw when eating it for lunch, pretty frequently, in Hell's Kitchen, NY.

As usual I totes suggest you watch the video in high res and full screen!  (Also you can view it on youtube as well.)  

After that, come back here for a semi-photo recipe, with the actual recipe below (and transcript as always), as well as what I will do differently next time!

Yummy yummy!
Or as I titled this photo: sluuurrrp!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Two More Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Recipes!

I rarely write a blog for two recipes at once, but I see
More or less to eat over rice
no point in making three solo slow-cooked chicken
blogs, or am I just being silly?

Either way, here are two recipes coming at you in one post. One is a little more spicy than the previous pulled-chicken post, while the ingredients are a bit less hearty in all (serve over rice if you desire.)
Spicy and hearty! Perfect for winter!

The other is spicy as well, and also heartier with more vegetables added. I would say it is much more of a stew than the first one I'll talk about.

As the second was spicy, I served it with delicious avocado - now who can complain about that?

Now let's get started with those recipes, shall we?  

Of course, in photo-post form!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cooking With Us: e08: Massaman Curry and Krathong Tong

Can't you see the excitement?!
I can't begin to explain how excited I am about this episode of Cooking With Us!  The video follows a few photos and my intro description ^-^

Our dear friend Saowanee (Nee), her husband Jim, and their niece Rosie came over to show us how to make some traditional, and some slightly Americanized, Thai dishes!

The first thing Nee showed us how to make is called Krathong Tong, a Thai appetizer.

Traditionally, apparently, this is made with crispy Thai pastry cups, filled with seasoned pork or chicken, and veggies. We cheated and used Tostito's Scoops chips! And added ghost pepper salsa to the completed appetizer... Why?  Because - Ghost Pepper Salsa!

Krathong tong in the foreground, and me holding one!
They also showed us how to make Massaman beef curry!  My sister and her husband love Masssaman curry, so I was even that much more excited when Nee said that would be our main course!

Massaman Curry, almost done cooking!

Please watch this video on high res, and full screen. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!  
As usual, I will follow with screen grabs and more instructions, the recipe, and transcript!

(Full screen it - you know you want to!! oh, and share! Share and Like, like and share - and subscribe!)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Val!'s Savory Pulled-Chicken Stew(ish)

Finished product of my pulled chicken 'stew'
Sorry it's been two months! We've been traveling a ton and life has just been hectic and odd... but I'm back!
Now on with the show!

I shan't lie, I was hoping this would turn out spicier and somehow more Tex-Mex-y... but it turned out delicious and super-healthy, so who can complain about that?

Something that is good about that eventuality is - anyone who loves delicious food but not very spicy food can still use all the ingredients in this meal and still eat it and enjoy it.  I mean really, it had no spice. But - it was fantastic!

Why am I quoting 'stew'?  Well, I wasn't planning on making a stew... but I find our culinary vernacular lacking in other phrases for such concoctions... little help? ;)

Like my mom, and I think many cooks out there, I am weird about recipes... Rarely (lest I'm trying for something specific or to recount for you guys) do I ever know exactly how much of something has gone into... well... a dish.

This is no exception, but I will try my best to tell you what all I used.