Monday, August 17, 2015

Cooking With Us - e44 - Thai Style Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hey gang,
Sorry it's been a while since my last update.  Life has once again gotten in the way!
In fact I have shot about five and edited one show that I decided I didn't like enough to use.

Thankfully, Nee, as usual, pulled me out of my rut and not only gave me a delicious snack and fun video to share with you guys, she also invaded our house with a bevy of college gals from Thailand who were here doing a work program.  My house was full of foreign chatter and lots of giggles. For a while, everything sounded like a really fun anime!

So, today I share with you hard-boiled eggs served with Thai sauce. So darn good.
And you may not believe me, but I am seriously the furthest thing from an egg fan!
However, these eggs were so good that Theron and I made them again last night!

The ones we served when the group was over are pictured on the top right!
Theron, of course, decided to take out half the yolk and put the sauce inside. He's clever, that one.
So the bottom-pictured egg was what we ate as part of our dinner last night :)

Here is the video! Subscribe, share, and above all: enjoy!

Photos and recipe after the jump:)