Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cooking With Us - e33 - Cauliflower Cheese Things

This past Sunday, my crazy husband decided he was going to do his first podcast all by himself.
He recorded it with his iphone, and edited it in Avid - his first time editing!
I think he did a great job for it being his first editing gig ^^
Also, these 'Cauliflower Cheese Things,' as he titled them, are delicious!

Yes, the first part of the audio is in reverse, because he's crazy.
And yes, it got on my nerves... but he's a cutie, and my sweetie, so I could only be mad for...
a little while ;)

Watch and enjoy!

Some photos and a link to a jumping-off point recipe after the cut.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cooking With Us - e32 - Fig Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


Thanks to my amazing friend's reminder,
"Isn't it time for another KumoCafe? I miss seeing them..."
So - we have another Cooking with Us for you guys!

Ok, granted, I did put up a photo post recently, so that qualifies as seeing a post ;D 

(And you should really check it out if you haven't - b/c Pasta Puttanesca is amazing!)
But you all certainly must miss watching our glorious skillz in the kitchen, right?

So this time, thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, we knocked out a perfectly awesome new recipe.

This beauty is a pork tenderloin stuffed with roasted garlic, gorgonzola cheese, sage
and figs which have soaked in bourbon, 
then wrapped with twine, and covered with rosemary, thyme, and oregano. 

Can we say yummy?  

Yes indeed!

So, per usual, click the video, high res and full screen it, and share -
for the love of that is all that is good, share!
And subscribe.
Also - I'm always interested in feedback and ideas.

More info on music, pix etc, after the jump!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pasta Puttanesca with Theron's Homemade Egg Pasta!

Greeting, friends!

It's definitely been longer than I'd intended between blog posts, and that's my bad!  Sorry!

Theron and I have been rather busy traveling to Chicago and Texas for the holidays, getting over being sick, and then celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve with our friend Leigh who I hadn't seen in seven months!

Belated-Christmas and on-time New Years Eve with Leigh

Home-made Pasta Puttanesca!
To the right, you can see the delicious pasta puttanesca we made this weekend.  By we, I really mean Theron. It was his at-home date for me, but more on that later.

For Christmas I got him pasta attachments for his kitchen-aid mixer, and all Saturday evening he was literally just like a little kid playing with a new toy!

It was fun to see him so happy, and happy to see the results turn out so well!  This is an amazing dish, and you certainly don't have to make the pasta yourselves!  But since we did, let's start with that!

If you want to skip the pasta and go straight to the sauce (you'll be skipping some cute pix of my hubby!) click here.

The Pasta

We made a simple egg-pasta recipe that came in the manual for the kitchen aid attachments.
You start with four large eggs.