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Cooking With Us - e32 - Fig Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


Thanks to my amazing friend's reminder,
"Isn't it time for another KumoCafe? I miss seeing them..."
So - we have another Cooking with Us for you guys!

Ok, granted, I did put up a photo post recently, so that qualifies as seeing a post ;D 

(And you should really check it out if you haven't - b/c Pasta Puttanesca is amazing!)
But you all certainly must miss watching our glorious skillz in the kitchen, right?

So this time, thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, we knocked out a perfectly awesome new recipe.

This beauty is a pork tenderloin stuffed with roasted garlic, gorgonzola cheese, sage
and figs which have soaked in bourbon, 
then wrapped with twine, and covered with rosemary, thyme, and oregano. 

Can we say yummy?  

Yes indeed!

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More info on music, pix etc, after the jump!

First you're going to need 2-3 heads of garlic.
You can roast them however you want,
but Theron decided he wanted to roast single cloves outside of the the head.
I sprayed the pan with Pam, and we dabbed olive oil on top of the garlic.

We also preheated our small oven to 375, and cooked the garlic for about 45 minutes
(or until it looks done!)

I mentioned the figs are supposed to soak in bourbon,
so when I was perusing the shelves of our liquor shoppe,
I came across Wild Turkey and, in honor of my father, picked it up to use!
(psst, that's my pops on the left picking me and Theron up at the airport this past November!)

You need one cup of bourbon, which you will pour into a sauce pan and get it to simmer.

We also needed one cup of dried figs, which I chopped up pretty decently.

To my surprise, the bourbon covered the figs perfectly.
The recipe says to let this sit for five minutes, but as we had plenty of other work to do,
we just let it sit until we needed the figs again.

Then we decided to crumble up our gorgonzola - and by we, I mean Theron.
We only needed eight oz of this, but there was only one size at the store
and it was massive
Oh, Wisconsin ;)

Then again, it left my husband plenty of gorgonzola to add to other dishes throughout the week!

The recipe called for three tablespoons of chopped, fresh sage - et voila!
This is the only herb that will go on the inside of your tenderloin.

It then called for only one teaspoon of dried herbs to coat the outside,
but I prefer fresh herbs, and adore rosemary, so you just know we used more than that!

We used fresh thyme as well...
The only thing I couldn't find fresh was oregano,
and about that I felt, "meh, no biggie!"
As we always have dried oregano on hand :)

Now that you've done such a great job on chopping your herbs,
it's time to cut open your tenderloin.
(We actually made two).

(Tutorial for slicing pork tenderloin.)

Now it's time to line a baking dish with tin foil, and cover it with 'non-stick spray.'

First, pile in the garlic, and smash it a bit.

Then, add in your bourbon soaked figs.

Next up - you guessed it! Sprinkle on your gorgonzola!

And top it all off with your (fresh) sage.

Now it's time to roll up these bad boys and secure them with twine!
I was lucky enough that the nice people at our meat market gave me some!

Sprinkle on your rosemary, thyme, and oregano, and you're good to go!

In your 450 degree preheated oven, you  are going to cook this for 30 to 35 minutes.

Meanwhile, we saved the bourbon we had left over from the figs in order to make a sauce.

To it, we added two tablespoons of maple syrup...

And one tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette, which happened to be apple flavored!

We then cooked it on low and let it reduce.

Meanwhile, our 35 minutes were up, and our pork was done!
Then we let it sit for an additional 20 minutes.

How gorgeous is that?

Theron then layered on the sauce which had been reducing for 20 minutes, and was delicious!

Doesn't this look fantastic to you?

We both agreed - you have to make it!

Even the Brigly bear wanted some!

"Ok, you can have a little."

Here come just a few more glorious photos of our masterpiece!

"Isssn't it loverly!"

Good combination of flavors all around.
Thanks, pinterest!

And thanks to this blogger for making it in the first place!
(I'm not posting the recipe, so go check her page for it!;)

And a very special thanks to  my buddy Adam Didier
who gave me the music to use in this episode, and man -
is he talented!

Check out more of his passionate work here:

And thanks to all of you, for watching, reading, and sharing :)



Hi and welcome to KumoCafe's Cooking with Us again.

Today we're going to make a pork tenderloin that is stuffed with figs...

We're gonna roast some garlic to put in there, and have crumbled up some gorgonzola cheese, and then wrap it and cook it, and it should be really, really good.

Lazy-man garlic peeling.

You put the head in the jar. Shake it up.

Meanwhile I'm gonna preheat our big oven to 450.

I'm gonna spray the bottom with Pam.

And drizzle a little bit of olive oil...
Well that works.

Now this is gonna cook at 375 for 45 minutes, or until done, basically.

Next up: we heat up our bourbon.

I got Wild Turkey because it reminds me of my dad.

One cup of bourbon in a sauce pan.

Because we're gonna soak... our figs in the bourbon.

One cup bourbon, saucepan.

Heat on low until it simmers.

We need one cup of figs.

Ok so we're gonna chop up our figs.

Oooh that's simmering!
Oh that's hot.

Oh it is enough! Perfect!

Now we need to crumble 8 oz of our gorgonzola.

You're a professional sous-chef puppy crumbling up the gorgonzola.

Smells really good.
Brigly thinks so too.

Three tablespoons chopped fresh sage.

Theron chopping sage!

The sage goes on the inside.

I think we got enough rosemary right now.

And then, some thyme.

Hold the top and then,... shooo.

Surgical procedure there.
Looks good babe! Looks good.

Lining this with aluminum foil...
Non-stick spray.

Are we stuffing it now?
It's ready?

Take out the figs, and just place them on top of the garlic.

Wow see how much of the bourbon got soaked up?

Crumbled gorgonzola...

And on top of that is the sage.

Close them with twine...

That's the rosemary, huh?

And now the thyme...

And oregano.

Ok, 30 to 35 minutes at 450 degrees.

This is the left-over bourbon, I will be adding maple syrup, and balsamic vinaigrette.

How much?
One tablespoon.

And it says two of this one.

Ok, so, it's been 35 minutes, and we're gonna check our meat now.


It's going up.

And we're just gonna leave it in that for 20 minutes?
I don't see why not.

Aren't you glad we got this new drone copter to get these awesome areal shots?

Oh my gosh! Wait!
Oh be careful!
Don't crash into anything!
Don't crash into anything!

Hi drone!
Hi there drone!

Um, we're gonna taste this sauce that Theron made with the bourbon that was leftover from the figs, balsamic vinegar that was apple flavored, and two tablespoons of maple syrup... and it's reduced for a while now.

Oh it's like all the bourbon flavor but no alcohol!.

It's good.
It's delicious.
We did good.

Looks pretty good and done to me!

This really did reduce.

I will carefully put mine, so that I get all of a bite in one.

Oh... Nicely done.

That didn't even occur to me.

That's great!

I should have done that. I didn't even think about doing that.

Thank you for joining us... on this episode of Cooking with Us...

I'm not, I wouldn't -
I would say make it-
I'm not saying try again because we got it right already.
No no, make it!
It's good.

Make it!
Make it.

This is my favorite part, when we eat.
That's good!

Mhm, I want some daddy, can I have some?

Is that how you say it?  Like, a gorgon?
Gorgonzola or gargonzola?

I always thought it was gargon.
More gargon than gorgon.

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