Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cooking With Us - e33 - Cauliflower Cheese Things

This past Sunday, my crazy husband decided he was going to do his first podcast all by himself.
He recorded it with his iphone, and edited it in Avid - his first time editing!
I think he did a great job for it being his first editing gig ^^
Also, these 'Cauliflower Cheese Things,' as he titled them, are delicious!

Yes, the first part of the audio is in reverse, because he's crazy.
And yes, it got on my nerves... but he's a cutie, and my sweetie, so I could only be mad for...
a little while ;)

Watch and enjoy!

Some photos and a link to a jumping-off point recipe after the cut.

First things first - steam your cauliflower till it's soft.
This is about half a head or so as it's what we had leftover from making them the previous day.

Now on to the 'other stuff' you want to add to your 'cauliflower cheese things.' ;)
Two eggs should be enough to help your mixture stick together.

We used some rosemary because, as you might know by now, we love it!

We're also quite big fans of cilantro.

A lil onion never hurt anyone, right?

Looking pretty!

I had to include one of the awesome fades Theron did! 
Here he is chopping two large jalapenos. 
(You can use bell peppers or even no peppers at all if you want.)

He wanted to add all this too (that's a lot of cheese!) but was no longer in the chopping mood.

Hence, he used our food processor :)

He did, however, chop up the garlic himself.

Ah, the glorious cheesy concoction!

After steaming the broccoli, we steamed some celery too!

And into the processor they went!

He added generous salt and pepper to this.

He then cooked this mixture for a while, trying to get the steam (water) out. 
It really should be as dry as possible but it turned out great so :)

Then you add your steamed stuff to the rest of your ingredients!

Don't forget the bread crumbs!

Mix until you get your desired consistency.

Now you get to be an artist - shape them how you like!

Time to put them in the oven (at 375).
Please note, I had just gotten out of the shower here.

Check them every 15 minutes or so, turning them when needed to get a nice golden brown.

Don't these look fantastic? 
If you said yes - you are correct!
Time to eat!

Taste testing...
Make it!

(These are great for snacking, appetizers, sides, etc)

I got a surprise kiss!
Yay for me :D 

Yup, told you I just got out of the shower.

Don't ask me why my husband kept saying, "head in the food" but it did inspire the cover I made for his podcast:


"You're gonna be in my podcast!" - Theron
"HAH!" - Me

I hope you guys do try to make these!
They can have really anything you want in them.
A link to the original recipe is here.

The song Theron used is "Still Alive" from the 2007 video game Portal. 
It was written by Jonathan Coulton and was performed by Ellen McLain. 
We are clearly not claiming credit as our own!

-Val! & the puppy :P

And finally, the transcript!
(reverse audio)


We're gonna steam the cauliflower and blend it.

Dry it out...

Chop the peppers...



Cheese, cheddar, parmesan cheese...

Are you doing this through your phone?


More onion.

Wrap it into a ball, bake it, eat it, yum.

Water for the steam.

Love you too baby!

Two eggs.


This is the one-handed cooking show.

As I mentioned before, I'm a little bit lazy and tired right now... So I'm gonna shred, with the shredder...

Some washed celery...

Let's try this out.

About that much.




What's he want?

I don't know, attention.

Are those done?




So we just... let this cook a little to get all the st- the water out.

That's your mixture of everything else.

I forgot these.

I just want, want a consistency so that I can make it malleable..

"This was a triumph...
I'm making a note here: huge success.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
I'll bet you science...
We do what we must because we can
for the good of all of us
except the ones who are dead...
But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just..."

Into the oven
Into the oven
Into the oven they go go go.

Check every fifteen minutes.

I mean like, whoa...

Flip 'em after, like, 10 or 20 minutes so they get golden brown.

Time to eat!

My jalapeno one I saw earlier...

Ah, you're not gonna find it.


Is it good?

Very good.

Ah yay yay Ok!
I'm gonna eat one too.
Good job puppy.

Mmm. I concur!

Lots of cheese or?

Yeah lots of cheese.

Well done!

Make it.
Make it.

A lot.


It's not so hard.

Now I have to learn Avid.

Face in the food.
Face in the food.
Face in the food.
Face in the food.

Hm... maybe?
We'll see.

Uhhm, this I'm not sure about. I have to think about it a little bit more.

That's what I'm thinking.

My, my hair's still wet.
You're gonna be in my podcast.
You're gonna be in my podcast.

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  1. You two are adorable and I LOVED this video! Can't wait to try these tonight. :)