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Cooking With Us - e23 - Ness's Awesome Pizzas!!

My sister, not the results, crazers!
Welcome back everybody!

Y'all are in for a special treat today!

My gorgeous, talented, and much more well-spoken twin sister Vanessa decided to shoot an episode of Cooking With Us for me over the weekend!

Lo and behold - the results look absolutely delicious!!

She made two simply fantastic looking pizzas, and I can't wait to try and make them myself!

I'm guessing y'all will feel the same!

Below is the video, which of course you should watch in high-res and full screen!
And share!
She did a knock-out job, and Justin did pretty dang good as well as her cameraman. 

Thanks you two!

Tell me that's not the best youtube cover photo EVER?  

Since it gives you a sneak peak at both finished products, and my sister again, everything else will, as always, be after the jump!

In case blogger is messing with me again and that video image is displaying small, 
here it is in all its amazing-ness.  Get it? 
Amazing Ness? ;D

Since she mentioned me a couple times, I wanted to send her a big ol' smooch!
Kisses, twinkie!

Recipe for Pizza One!

Chop up one large white onion.

Also, chop two cloves of garlic.

Add just enough EVOO into a pot to saute your ingredients.
Ness guesses a few tablespoon's worth.

Add in your onions, garlic, and one whole serrano pepper.

Stir it up!  
Saute until soft.

Add in four Roma tomatoes.

Stir this too and let it cook for 30-40 minutes.
Add salt and pepper to taste, and water if it becomes necessary.

Now, Move on to Making the Dough!
(For One Thin Crust Pizza! Double for Two!)

 Add about one teaspoon of salt to one and a half cups of self-rising flower.

Make a well in this mixture, and add in one half cup water.

 Then add two tablespoons EVOO.

Mix Mix Mix this all together till you form a good dough ball.

Place your dough on a floured surface and knead it for about five minutes, then shape it.

Here's Vanessa's pizza dough rounds.

She then placed one on a pizza tin that had been heating in a 450 degree oven.

Top it with your crazy-awesome looking sauce which has been cooking down.

Add fresh Mozzarella...

And of course shredded Parmesan!

Top, finally, with pepperoni!

Then put it in your preheated oven for about fifteen minutes.

When it comes out, it should look gorgeous, like so.
Then drizzle with honey.
Weird eh?  Yet oddly alluring.

When you cut your pizza, you must do so with bad-assery.
See? Like that.

Now The Recipe for Pizza Two!
Clearly, start by locating your second round of dough.
Just slather that puppy with a delicious Tomatillo salsa for your sauce, and you're good to go!

Pretty rad huh?
Now go ahead and top that with mozzarella and Parmesan again...

And don't forget to add thinly sliced serranos!
For this, Ness took out the membranes and the seeds to make sure it wasn't killer spicy.
I probably would not remove those... but I'm crazy that way.

Add some chopped red onions.
Jealous yet?
I am.

As if that wasn't delicious enough, now you can top it all with pre-cooked chicken.
You can use whatever kind of chicken you want. Vanessa suggested shredded or grilled.
Of course, Vanessa also had delicious home-made fajita chicken thanks to our cousin Karen.

Now this pretty little baby also goes into the oven for fifteen minutes.

Think when you take her out you're done? 
Not quite yet!

She gets sprinkled with fresh cilantro.
(Which Ness sounded so excited about in the video!)

Remember the pizza cutting bad-assery I mentioned earlier?
Yeah, it's about that time again.

Now it's time to taste your pizza while staring off into the distance,
knowing you've done an impeccable job on both.

Before we head off to the recipes, say hello to Vanessa and Justin's babies: Eve and Ruby!

Oh, and to me, because I wanted to be in it too ;D
Actually I wanted to do a Brady Bunch thing for the intro, but that's neither here nor there.

Now for the Recipes!
Via Ness!
Recipe Pizza One:

2 cloves garlic
Most of 1 large white onion
- Saute these things for 10 minutes/until soft
Add 4 or 5 tomatoes (we used roma)
1 to 2 serrano peppers
- After cooking for a while, taste. I added salt and pepper.
Cook for 30-40 minutes. If you need to, add water. We did.

Once sauce is done, top your pizza dough with it.
Top that with fresh Mozzarella and shredded Parmesan.
Finish with pepperoni.

Back for 15 minutes at 450
Once cooked, top with honey if desired.

Pizza #1

Recipe for Pizza Two

Slather the pizza dough with tomatillo salsa
Top that with fresh Mozzarella and shredded Parmesan
Then add seeded serranos, part of a red onion, and grilled chicken.

Bake for 15 mins at 450
When done, top with fresh cilantro
Pizza #2

Dough Recipe
 for crust (for one pizza):
1.5C self rising flour (or regular flower plus baking soda if you want)
1ish tsp Salt
make well in middle
add 1/2 cup of water and 2TBS Olive Oil
mix this all toghether until your dough has formed into a good ball and you get the remnants off the sides.

turn your dough out onto a floured surface.  Knead the dough - press down and out with your palms, fold sides in, repeat.  Do this for five or so minutes.
spread out your dough - Roll if desired or toss ;)

spread all toppings on top. Bake for 15 minutes


Hi, and Welcome to a new episode of Cooking With Us.

No, you're eyes don't deceive you, I'm not Val.

I am her twin sister.  So I guess you could think of this as the twin edition.

I'm gonna be making a couple of different pizzas tonight, so stay tuned.

Alright, I'm gonna cut up this onion that's gonna end up being used as part of the tomato sauce for the pizza.

Alright, now I got a large white onion chopped up, and two cloves of garlic chopped up, and they're all gonna go into this nice warm pot to saute with the extra virgin olive oil that we just put in there.

And I'm also adding in one diced up serrano pepper, because the pizza that we're making, one of them, is supposed to be pretty spicy.

So I'm just gonna add one so we have a little bit of heat goin' on.

Now we're gonna add our tomatoes, and in this case we did four roma tomatoes instead of the five that we bought, because we're actually reducing the recipe a little bit.

Why romas? Why not.

Stir it all up together. This needs to cook for between thirty and forty minutes.

We're adding about a teaspoon of salt to our self-rising flour that we have in there.

So we've made a well in the center, we're gonna pour in a half a cup of water there.

And then we're gonna also add two tablespoons of olive oil.

Got one tablespoon....

And a second tablespoon.

We're gonna stir this all together.

So this is our beautiful pizza dough that we made.

And this pizza tin that it's sitting on I actually had heating in the oven at 450 degrees per the instructions.

Now what our tomato sauce came out looking like.

The flavor's good, it's just not what I'm used to...

It's not as much sauce as I'm used to.

What I have hear is fresh mozzarella, and I'm just tearing little pieces off and putting it over here. 

I'm gonna over the top of the pizza.

Interesting stuff, I've never played with this before.

And now moving on to the Parmesan cheese that is shredded Parmesan.

So I'm just gonna sprinkle this on top to complete my coverage.

And then last but not least, we're gonna add some pepperoni onto the top of it.

Pizza number one is ready to go into the oven - woo!
Fifteen minutes and it should be ready.

Oh, that looks pretty good... A little overdone, maybe.

So since the pizza sauce is spicy and hot, I'm hoping that we're gonna be good, so I'm just gonna go ahead and put honey on half of it.  So we'll see what we think.

I'm a huge fan of honey so I don't think I'm gonna go wrong here.

Roasted tomatillo salsa is what I'm gonna be ladling on this pizza.

Alright, and now it's time for more mozzarella. 
That's gonna go on this one.

We're using the same mozzarella, the fresh mozzarella.

Ok so, I'm gonna put some serrano peppers on here, and in case you're not familiar with what they are, this is what a serrano looks like.

And if you're not familiar with what they are, then you're clearly not watching enough of Val's videos!

Put some serranos...
Four serranos...

You may also have noticed that I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top.  Just so they have that nice even coating and a variety.

These little pepper slices have all been de-membraned and the seeds have been taken out of them so that it's not too overwhelmingly hot.

And then I'm gonna add some, a little bit of of red onion. Just a little.

And then I'm gonna add this cooked chicken here.

I am very fortunate, because what I have on hand is this delicious chicken fajita meat that my cousin Karen made the other day.

So, so good!

So now pizza number two is going into the oven, for right about fifteen minutes as well.

And then we should be ready to taste both of our wonderful creations!

And now it's time for the very best part, we're gonna try our first pizza.

So let's see how this is, I'm gonna try one of the little honey pieces and just kinda give it a whirl.


Well...  The honey and cheese is amazing - what's not to like?


I actually didn't get much sauce on that one so, give it another bite...

It is really good!

I think we have a winner on our hands here!

And now it's time for pizza number two to be revealed!

Oooh! Ahhh!

And on this one you actually get to put fresh cilantro on top!

Alright, now let's give our chicken and tomatillo sauce pizza a try.

It's still nice and hot.

It's got really good flavor, the tomatillo sauce and the cheese are working well together. It's good creaminess. 

I feel like it's missing a little bit of a punch.

The sauce is delicious...

It's really good I just think it needs that extra kick.

One more thing!

We also have a couple cutie pies.

I didn't want you to feel like you're missing out because Brigly isn't here

This is Ruby, and this is Evie, and they wanted to say Hi.

Thank you very much for joining us on Cooking With Us!

And, we hope to see you back real soon!

Leave comments below and let us know what you thought about this video and if you get a chance to try it out.


  1. Awesome Val! Glad you liked the way these pizzas looked. They are soo good! I hope you get a chance to try them out. :)

    1. I believe I will :D
      Thanks for shooting this - was fun to watch and edit :)