Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cooking With Us - e22 - Chicken and Sausage Kabob BBQ

Hey guys! 
And Happy (early) 4th of July!

To the right you can see the final product of the podcast we shot this past Sunday - chicken and sausage shish kabobs!

They were delicious (of course!)
and the podcast was really a blast to make.

I thought this might be a great thing to put up now, so you could have some new, super tasty BBQ inspiration for the 4th!

I admit, editing this podcast cracked me up. There were so many fun moments I couldn't put in because of length, but I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed editing it!

(As always, please view in high res, full screen, and then share! Share on FB, Google+, email, wherever!  And photos, the recipe, and the transcript are after the jump!)


 Always start by smiling ^^

You try saying sausage and chicken shish kabobs!
Not so easy ;D

Also - as it was pride weekend: Happy Pride everybody! :)

Now, onto the main event:
Cut up your chicken into sizable chunks while singing a song you've just made up ;)

 I have no qualms with starting out with KC Masterpiece.
It's awesome. I accept that.

Then in went the rest of our chili garlic sauce.
I really need to buy more of this stuff!

 We also put in a fair amount of oregano.
I hear it's good on steak ;)

 I also added quite a lot of paprika...
and Chili Powder!

And garlic powder :)

And a few dashes of lemon juice.

I only added a tiny bit of fish sauce.
You don't have to, but it's delicious, so why not?

Theron's artsy photo of all the ingredients.

Now mix it up well!

Meanwhile, we'd been cooking some heads of garlic and an onion on the grill.
They were done, so we took them off and added our corn.

If your husband makes a very random movie reference,
feel free to manipulate the movie poster to resemble his remark ;)

And yes - we were cooking with mesquite wood my mom and pops
 brought up from Texas a couple years ago :)

While your chicken marinates for a little while, go ahead and chop up your sausages.
We just used Eckrich sausage, but you can definitely try chorizo
or, you know, if you live up in Wisconsin, probably brats!

Commence skewering - alternating between your sausage and chicken.

Try to have lively conversation during this time.
Isn't that lovely?

And if your husband makes an obscure reference to a TV show idea you had ten year ago
(A Day in the Life of Food... though not quite sausage!)
...just roll with it ;)

Also, do your best 'dying sucks' animal impression.
This won't upset any vegetarians, I'm sure.

Now put your kabobs on the grill.

And flip them...
before they burn...
These look burnt but luckily were not :)

Since your neighbor is outside, go ahead and chat with her while filming your husband.

Film him from her point of view, that is!
There's our casa.

Try slightly unsuccessfully to get a grill master shot of Theron and Brigly!

And of course, take your food inside...
While always remembering to never question your husbands 'strategery.'

Though you can remind him we're in Wisconsin, not Texas.

Doesn't that look good?
Time to eat? I think so!

But first you have to get the meat off the kabob!
This should definitely make you feel like you work at a churrascaria ;)

 Mmmm! Is right!
This is darn good food, gang!

Share some with Brigly, too!

Sharing is caring.... right?

Finally, always accept hugs...

Realize your husband is a star...

And look frightened when your dog barks, "bye bye."

Now for the recipe, and some photos Theron took.

Nice pic of the pit smoking :)

His "This is a great 'Cooking With Us' shot!"


Another sauce ingredient shot.

Kabobs pre-cooking.  The one in the back had a lot of chicken :)

Just a neat pic of everything finished.

Kinda blurry pic of me, but I love any pic of me and my camera :)

Drinking Diet Cherry 7-up.
Just thought this looked kinda crazy =)

And finally, our gorgeous final product!

Thanks, ya'll!
Happy fourth, and happy eatin'!

 Chicken marinade
- fair amount of KC masterpiece
- lots of paprika and chili powder
- lots of garlic powder
- fair amount of oregano
- a few dashes of lemon juice
- a few sprinkles of fish sauce

Mix well and marinate chicken as long as you like.
And: don't forget to make extra for eating with your food once it's cooked!
(The extra you make shouldn't be made with raw chicken it it, of course!)

Then just skewer your chicken and chosen sausage together, and grill till done :D

 Hi, and welcome to another episode of Cooking With Us.

Since it's finally summertime, we're gonna make some stuff on the barbie.

See my beautiful pit my dad made me cause I went to UT Austin?!  Longhorns!

We're gonna make some chicken and... sausage shish kabobs.

Yeah, pretty much, on the grill, and some corn.

Who's the Brigly, wag wag wag, ok.

So, Theron's gonna fire up the grill.

Now what?
Oh Hey!
Happy Pride Weekend guys!  I know when - by - by the time you see this Pride'll be over... But Pride's never really over, is it?

Well our chicken is supposed to marinate for two hours, but who cares, cause we never do that.

Um... so we're gonna marinate it for a little bit and then we're gonna cook it.

Chunks or slices?

Big, Biggish chunks.

Cause remember we're slicing the the sausage, so they should be about the same sizes...

Yummy chicken, we're making yummy chicken,
putting stuff in it to make it a yummy chicken.

So we're gonna put some KC Masterpiece - original - cause I like it anyways, right?

Chili garlic sauce, we only have that much left but, goin' in.

We know we love that.

I never use oregano...

It's good.

All right we'll use oregano.
Use it.

It's good for steaks.

Well this is chicken.

Well it's good for steaks.


Lemon juice?
Just a lil - yeah get me some lemon juice.

Can't go wrong with garlic powder.

I have to throw away bad - Oh.

I think I'm gonna add some fish sauce.

I'm gonna add some fish sauce to this.
Just a little bit.

Smells delicious.
It does smell good, doesn't it?

Want me to do it?

Make sure it's in focus cause last time they weren't.
It is.

Oh my God this smells so good!

That's yummykins.

The Texas Barbeque pit!

It's yummy, huh Brigly?

Oh my God it's on fire still!

See my three little things of mesquite in there?
Yeah, I saw them...
Well one of 'ems on fire.

Yes I realize that.

Catching fire, Mesquite: Catching fire!

That garlic is done, baby.

What the volcano garlic?

Fruits of our labor.

So this is the size we're going by... basically... alright?
The chicken can be a little bigger.


Yeah, there.

Yeah that's good.
Seems kind of big.

Excellent, perfect.

So it should be sausage, chicken, sausage, chicken, sausage, chicken.

I'm gonna start with the sausage.

And then a chicken?
And then a chicken!

I've never done this before actually.
I've never skewered anything.

Have you?

You're Greek you had to have. Shish kabobs?  Have you ever made any kind of shish kabobs?

I don't think I - I don't know... maybe.

My gosh, this smells... really good.

It does smell good, you did good on the sauce.


I'm pretty good with sauces.

You are... fabulous with sauces, and soups...

I feel like -
Damn this is gettin' heavy!

I know!

Damn that's fuckin' awesome!

Aww perfect baby!

That looks a-ma-zing!

So I should finish mine with a piece of sausage too.

I will finish it with an end.


An end cap, if you will.

Ahhh Glorious!

A Day in The Life of These Sausages.

I wouldn't wanna know what the day in the life of the sausages was, it was not a good day!  When they became sausages.

Prolly not.

They were like Ooowww.. I don't wanna be a sausage.
They were like meee Ahhhh.
I'm gonna die! Ouch.

The corn is done, I'm sure.

Come on.

It's so yummy!!

That's the crazy one.

That's the crazy one, yeah.

I said the wood is mesquite from Texas!!

So if I close it...


It's not gonna go 'ka-shink!'

There you go, good.

Like, the sun right behind you looks like it's got a star filter on it.

Natural Boris effect.

Woo oh.
I think they're done.

Uh oh.

Oh we shoulda just sat out here with them.
Oh the chicken!

The chicken came off.
Well that.

Well you can't do anything about that.

Oh it smells good though.
I hope it's good!

I know for one thing it's cooked.

Hi Baby.

Freeze frame.

Grill Master Brigly... Gonna get some -
Ah ah that's hot, Brigly.

Don't question my strategery.

Thank you for joining us, for another episode of Barbequing in Texas with us...
But we're not in Texas...

We're about as far away North from Texas as you can get and still be in the States.

What's that-

Oh hot, fucking hot, fucking hot, fucking hot!

You've been waiting for this whole moment.

I work at a churrascaria!!

Oh my God you've been waiting for this part, right?!

Not really, but...

But kind of.

No, I haven't but...

But really, yes.

It doesn't matter what I say, does it?

Yes it does.

Wow, that's a lot of food.

Here goes nothin'!

Little fork.



Mmmm..... Mesquite!!!

Mmm... well..

Good right?

Done it!

We did it, we done it, it's good.

The spice is good, it could be spicier, but I think it's good.

The meat.

Tons of meat.

Mmmm mbabababa

Chicken!  Ohm!

It's wonderful!  You know it's wonderful!


So you think it's good?

I think it's wonderful.

Brigly - aaahom!

Brigly want some?

I wish we had saved some of the sauce so we could eat with it the sauce...

Like if I had made extra sauce when I made that sauce? Next time I'm gonna do that.

I mean, we're gonna say goodbye now.



Thank you - for joining us -

One, two, three, aaand...

Thank you for joining us on this episode of cooking with us.

I hope you're inspired and you have great BBQ...

I hope you guys feel inspired to do your own shish kabob barbeques...

This is our first time trying this and it turned out, in my opinion, pretty good... in Theron's opinion really good.

So thank you a lot and see you next time!


Bye bye!


  1. Yum yum. Looks like y'all had a blast. I wonder if you'd be more into the chicken if it had more time to marinate. Your tummy looks super

    1. I don't honestly think marinating time mattered. I think it cooked fast and hot and that might have been a bit if the problem

  2. Looks delicious. Thanks for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." Hope you are able to join us again this week.

    1. Glad you think it looks good, Hope yall had a great 4th!