Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cooking With Us - E25 - Meung Khum

Yippie! A brand new episode of Cooking With Us!
Back with some of our fave people from a recent dinner Nee made for us!

And on her birthday no less!

 Hanging out with sassy 10 year olds makes cooking show intro's way more fun!

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What did we get to gorge on this time?
Meung Khum!

It's fantastic, and really not that tough to make!

Here's a sneak peek for you:

Photo-recipe and transcript after the jump!

First things first, thank your amazing friend for spending her birthday dinner making food for you!

Then try and pronounce what you're making!
This one was tough for me!

Now it's time to get down to business.
You're going to need a whole thing of palm sugar for the sauce.

For the toppings you'll need shallots, dried shrimp, fresh limes, ginger and Thai chilis.

You also need coconut flake, which we cooked at 250 for 20 minutes, then turned it up to 350
as it wasn't browning fast enough.  Once it starts to brown, stir it occassionally.

Yep, it's in there.

Now, back to the sauce. 
You're going to add about this much shrimp paste (well, just a lil less). 
Nee said it was about an ounce.

Nee added one cup of water.

And a little bit of white sugar (as we were out of brown sugar!)

Also add plenty of fish sauce!
Yummy yummy!

Meanwhile, cut your limes into small pieces, leaving the rind on.

See?  Small pieces!

Sneaking in a hug is acceptable behavior!

You'll want chunky but not huge pieces of shallot onions as well.

Dried shrimp are... well... dried shrimp.
As my mom said - shrimp jerky!
You can tear them up into smaller pieces if you want.

You will of course have to peel your ginger.

And chop it thusly.

Here are our limes again!

The chilis also get chopped.

Be mindful of your coconut flakes that are browning!

Isn't that just lovey?
Don't forget the peanuts!
Also, Kale is necessary!

Because I never know how spicy Thai food will be, it's always smart to pregame with Pepto.

Now - how to layer all this goodness together!

First take a big leaf of kale (or betel leaves if you can find them)...


Layer in peanuts and ginger

And add on your shrimp and shallots.

And as much Thai pepper as you want!

Then spoon on crunchy coconut flake...

And the delicious sauce!

And enjoy!

This is what flavor-journey enjoyment looks like ^^

Trust me, it was delicious!

Now for a couple random photos.
This kid is obsessed with hash-tags.

You have to taste it to believe it.

We here at KumoCafe are converts for sure!

What camera?

A peak inside!

Ready to eat!

And as I mentioned, it was Nee's bday! So we had balloons in every room.
The big one is a rose b/c Nee loves flowers.

Also, you have to dance (with your husband making Brigly dance in the foreground) 
when you're hanging out with crazy 10 year olds!

When they left, I let them take as many balloons as they wanted.
Angel said it felt like leaving the fair :D

Oh, and here's the pic I made for youtube ;D

As always - arroy mak mak!

Meung Khum Sauce

Cook one round of palm sugar with a little white sugar, about a TBSP of shrimp paste, and lots of fish sauce in a cup of water.
Bring it to a low boil, it should be syrupy.


- lime with a thin rind, chopped up
- Thai chilis, chopped
- shallots, chopped
- peanuts
- coconut flake baked till brown
- dried shrimps
- ginger, peeled and chopped

Now layer these on your kale leaves, top with the awesome sauce, and enjoy!


Welcome to Hash-tag Cooking With Us!

It's Nee's birthday today - so she's being super awesome for joining us.

And of course Rosie's back with us, with her friend Angel... that they've been friends since they were little bitty babies.

And Nee's gonna make us something called...

Meung Khum!
Meung Khum... sounds better when she says it.

We, we just have this one - palm sugar.
We gonna mix with the water, with the shrimp paste - so yummy!

The sauce.

And we gonna have a coconut flake, unsweet. 

This one is uh, shallot onions. This one is dry shrimp.
Dry shrimp.

This one is lime.

This one is ginger, this one is garlic, and pepper!

We're gonna eat it - oh another one - Kale!

This one is we gonna put in the oven 250 for baking, for making it crispy and we can eat it, ok.

10 or 15 minute, ok? OK

Ready, crispy and brown.

Now we're gonna prepare for the topping.

Yeah, cut the lime and you cut it into small pieces, yes, I got it.

The shallot, the same thing.  You take the shell out, and you just cut in the same, the small piece, like a square.

Is it white sugar?
Little bit.

This one, we just make a sauce, with the palm sugar - a whole palm sugar, and this one is white sugar - little bit.

We're gonna add water.

Oh, one cup.

Half of this?
We're putting in half of this much shrimp paste.

Like one ounce.

Fish sauce?

Gonna stab this through.

So you're peeling the garlic, or the ginger?

Ginger chop!

Fish sauce
Fish sauce!

More fish sauce. Not too salty for me!

Turn that up to 250.

This smells so good, right?

Nee's chopping up Thai peppers over here, we're, we're not paying attention because I'm talking to ten year olds over there.


Let's be interested in what Nee's doing cause she's making food for us... On her birthday!

Boom boom boom meow.

So you stir it? Yeah.

Let it brown.
Thanks Nee.
You're welcome.

Oh, oh cool!
This is gonna be fun.
This is gonna be delicious.

Appetizers, nuh nuh nuh, appetizers, nuh nuh nuh.


So good!
Yes - I told you the texture, and everything...

Isn't it good? Surprisingly good.

What are you making?
Our appetizer, what's the name of it?

Meung Khum.

Oooh somebody paid attention.

dried shrimp...
one lime, with the rind... with the uh peel
with the peel, yeah.
I put two, I think it's good.

Oh god Thai peppers are great.

Ok go ahead: Coconut.


And then, I don't know what the hell this is but it's really good too.

Palm sugar with tons of fish sauce, and some shrimp paste... basically, and white sugar.


Dang you go boy!
Wow that was not a one-biter!
Almost... Mhmmm

What was that?

I'm going on a food ride.

Yeah you're going on a journey of tastes, right? Of flavors.

Crunchy, salad, some peanuts...
Oh you can taste the peanuts?
It's all a little sweet.

Shrimp!  I got a shrimp!

Hit the lime.

It's so good.
The pepper?
Not yet.


It's like that gobstopper you eat and it's like a whole dinner in your mouth.


It's awesome.

I love it!  I love it so much

It's freaking awesome.

This is delicious!

The flavor is delicious, man!

We'll be making Meung Khum.

Let's randomly dance. Jump!

Dun dun du lun dun dun, dun!

I'm just, dancing like this.

Wait. I heard it through the grape vine...


  1. Very interesting looking dish! I haven't seen anyone eat a whole lime before. Wish it was easier to get these ingredients so I could try this, but I just can't see myself hunting in some specialty shop for it, especially knowing I'd only use the stuff once in a blue moon.
    My favorite part of this video was watching Theron go on his taste adventure. That was neat and descriptive. Love that he pulled out the ever lasting gobstopper reference, too. :)

  2. It was an even more interesting *tasting* dish!
    Maybe it would be worth it if you got the stuff and got everyone together for a little food party?
    It's not hard to find, anyway, in any Asian grocery store!

    Yeah I loved Theron's taste adventure too! And his reference to the gobstopper was just adorable ;D