Friday, March 7, 2014

Cooking With Us: e10: Nee's Salsa

Hi! Welcome back to KumoCafe and to our newest episode of Cooking With Us!

We had the pleasure of having Nee, Jim, and Rosie over again, and this time we learned how to make Nee's Famous Salsa!

Awesome friends are the Awesomest!!

You too can learn how to make this gorgeous looking salsa to the left.

All you have to do is watch our super-terrific video in which Nee shows us how to make it!  
(So Simple!)
And then scroll down for a picture blog!  
As always the recipe and transcript will follow. :)


Oh yeah, and as always, High-Res and Full Screen this bad boy below! :D

Thanks for watching that! I hope you enjoyed it almost as much as we enjoyed making it!
 (And eating the results - Yummy Yummy!)

First, gather round your friends who have awesome cooking skills!

Particularly the ones who make salsa so good you call it Famous :D

For this salsa - you're going to need approx 10 large jalapenos, a LOT of Thai chilis, approx 7 habaneros, and approx 7 hot peppers that none of us knew the name of - The Bishop's Crown!
Also - 2 heads of garlic, 2 white onions, and a few avocados.

This is what The Bishop's Crown looks like :)

 Then in large slices - cut up your onions & all your peppers.

De-shell your garlic and add it to the pot.
Yes I see that Rosie was making weird faces at this point in the video ;)

Everything (aside from the Avocados) goes into a large pot!
As well as a bunch of cilantro.

Add a fair amount of salt to the pot.

See?  That's a lot of goodness in there!

Add enough water so that it just covers the pepper mixture.
Then cover it and bring to a boil.

Always take a moment to wave to your fans ^^

Once everything has cooked sufficiently, let it cool for a bit...

Isn't that a good-looking spoonful of deliciousness?
And yes, it goes into the beloved Ninja!!

Add a little more than half a cup of olive oil.

And half a cup of Chicken soup base mix!

Yeah, you heard me right! Granulated Chicken Flavor Soup Base Mix!! :D

And you know, it never ever hurts to add a fair amount of the much adored fish sauce!!

Then smile like a crazy person happy girl because you love to watch the Ninja in action!
Hey, Nee is smiling too :D

Then taste it and be amazed!

Make sure to have a strange smirk on your face while you count the avocados Nee adds to the mixture.  (She added 3 halves).

What joy! More salsa for the masses!
We also added in a bit more of the pepper mixture.

Then put Jim on the spot - weird effect on the Yummy Yummy but I like it! :D

Then of course, enjoy your darn good salsa!!

After trying to say 'Goodbye' in Thai, of course :D

And a mandatory shot with the Brigster! :D

Want to feel even more jealous? This was our delicious dinner! Pork chops by Jim (so good)! and brussel sprouts + asparagus + peppers + garlic side by Nee :D
Potatoes by ...whoever makes pre-made potatoes :D

- 2 Large white onions
- approx 10 large jalapenos
- approx 7 habaneros
- approx 7 bishop's crown pepper (or similar hot pepper)
- 1 bunch cilantro
- 2 heads of garlic

Chop and put into a large pot. Add salt, and cook to boiling.
Cool, then add as much as you can into your Ninja. Also add a little over half a cup of olive oil, and about half a cup of granulated chicken stock flavor. Don't forget to add Fish Sauce!
Obliterate it.

Add as many avocados as you like (we added 3 halves), and even more of the pepper mixture
Obliterate it further.

Enjoy with chips :D

Below is the transcript!! :)

Ciao for now!


Hello - Welcome to cooking with us.

We're back with Nee, Rosie, and Jim who's over there.
And we're gonna make Nee's famous, amazing  salsa.

The main ingredient is all the peppers that we make.

Jalapeno, thai pepper, this one is thai pepper too but it's a tiny one...

habanero, and this one is, I forgot what they call it, but it's very very spicy.

It's sort of like a Trinidad Scorpion.

It does look evil.
I mean look at this.

Onion, avocado, garlic and uh..

So we're doing two, two white onions?

Yeah two white onions.

And - how much cilantro? You should normally have what? A bunch. A bunch of it? A bunch of cilantro.

Two whole cloves of garlic.yeah.  Two heads of garlic!
two heads.

We have all pieces of the pepper.
That's amazing.

Yeah that's crazy, you think I use a lot of peppers.

She's not messing around.

Not Messing Around With Nee!

So this is all of the peppers Nee brought which is a lot of jalapenos (big ones), a ton of Thai peppers, a lot of the creepy ones we don't know what they are, two whole heads of garlic, two onions.

Yep yep yep.
That's good?

Yep, to the level, yeah, that's good.

And now we're gonna boil it.

Yeah this is good - we're learning the secret magic recipe.

Yeah no kidding!

Don't you love her haircut? Isn't it cool?
It's really cool!

You might be a 'scene kid'
It's awesome

Yeah if i dyed my hair blue.
Yeah if it was blue.
Cause the haircuts perfect.

Ok so this just came to a boil, and now we're cooling it.

So we just basically make a big batch of that - Of that?
The pepper, onion, cilantro mix, and then as needed we add the avocado.

That's smart, that's really smart.

Oil? Yep!
Olive oil. Half a cup?
Little bit more than half a cup.

Chicken soup base.

And now salty - and so fish sauce?
Little bit.


Tastes so good! Ahhh

Mm! Oh my god that's so good!! It's insane - like What!

Wait, wait Theron you have to taste this.

How is it?


Ok I'm drooling.... I'm seriously drooling right now.

I avocado, I can count this.

Two avocado coming up.
Three halves, three halves.
Three halv- no... Yeah.
Was it three halves?

Yeah that's awesome.

Wow... I like it both ways.
Yeah I'm with you.
It's good both ways.
So good!
Both ways!

So how is it?

What do you think Jim?
Of the salsa that your wife just made?

Yummy yummy!!

That's the scientific evaluation.
That's the best kind!


Thank you.

That makes me - happy!
This makes my taste buds happy!
It's really good

It makes your taste buds happy?
Mine too, it makes my mouth water.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of cooking with us! Where we have this amazing salsa Nee made us.

Yummy yummy

Good luck trying to recreate it, because you can't!
It's so good - But try!! Because it is amazing.
Yeah Yeah.

How do you say goodbye in Thai?

Adios amigos!
Wow that's a lot of stuff. How do you say enjoy?  Like, or how do you say it's delicious?


Put your hand up here, and then like, you gotta do what I do.

We're safe now we're safe now. Oil is so dangerous, dude.

It's hot!
Hot spicy or hot temperature?
Hot temperature.

Look at this one, she's crazy, see?
She's crazy - what's she doing?
What's she doing?

Brigly, what do you think about the food?
Gonna be yummies?


  1. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wonder if the 2 glasses of champagne had anything to do with it? ;) looks delicious but deadly! Also did Rosie intentionally go crazy with the onions? Haha

    1. You know whats funny ? the other night she DID tell me the onions were bothering here haha! I just thought she was being crazy for no reason:D
      and if 2 glasses of champagne is all it takes to get you in a happy mood - im on it in germany :D

      xoxo! So glad u liked this one!

  2. Really awesome!!! Looks good! Rosie ' s onion reaction was funny :)

    1. Ok hah u commented o nthis one twice.. sure it was only 2 glasses of champagne?
      there's another one you still need to watch nessy fressy :D

  3. Really awesome!!! Looks good! Rosie ' s onion reaction was funny :)