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Cooking With Us - E12 - Nee's Amazing Chicken Satay

This woman is the bomb!
Hi Gang!

As many of you know, Theron, the fam, and I are headed to Europe in a couple days, but didn't want to leave you high and dry!

Therefore, I present to you a simply A-MA-ZING dish from none other than Nee!
A fantastic Thai Chicken Satay!

Without further ado - watch the video below!
As always, full screen and high-rez!
And I'll try my best on the photo-post part :)

Start by slicing your chicken breasts into thin strips.

Nee dutifully prepares the chicken strips as Theron and I start on what will be our next post!

None of us knew the name of this pepper. I had to look it up ^^

As you can see, you're going to need a LOT of ingredients for the satay sauce.

Yeah, a lot! But it's totally worth it!
Oh yeah, and peel your shallots!

Chop up your guajillo peppers like so...

And then cover them and your chiles de arbol (back right) in water.

After you've peeled your shallots (approx five), add garlic (3-5 cloves), your gualljos, chiles de arbol, and water into your Ninja.

Thai peppers and salt get added as well.

Blend for a full minute and a half, and remember to dance and sing while doing so!

That's for sure!

Now add in calypso seasoning.

This is the curry powder we put in: Ayam Brand Serbuk Kari Daging

Add in a fair amount of brown sugar.

And 2 TBSP soy sauce...

Add a whole can of coconut milk.

2 TBSP Fish Sauce.

And 2 TBSP Olive oil.

Thread your chicken onto your skewers like a boss!

And put them into your crazy delicious sauce.

Coat them well.

Commence pan frying in EVOO.

Continue to coat them with left over sauce occasionally.

Flip them as needed, and set them aside.

We had enough to make two delicious batches.

Let them cool - then dig in!!!

After devouring your first one, look intently off into the distance, vowing to eat many more!!

Watch as your loved ones also devour the deliciousness.

Sit to eat the rest of dinner, but laugh because you're having fun!

Also, while you should be helping, jump up and down with your young friend whilst trying to get your husband to twerk.
(No, he didn't do it.)

That's it  for now :D


- A lot of chicken breasts, cut into thin strips, threaded onto wooden skewers

- 6 - 8 guajillo peppers, chopped and covered in water
- several chile de arbol peppers, covered in water
- approx 5 shallots
- approx 5 cloves garlic

- a handful of Thai chilis
- salt

Blend all this in your Ninja for 1 1/2 minutes.

Sauce cont.:
- Calypso seasoning

- dry chicken flavored curry
- 2 TBSP brown sugar
- 1 can coconut milk
- 2 TBSP soy sauce
- 2 TBSP olive oil
- 2 TBSP fish sauce

Coat your chicken well in the amazing sauce you've made.

Heat oil in a cast iron skillet.

Fry your chicken on both sides till done, will adding more sauce as you go.



Hi! Welcome to Cooking with us!  Nee's back, Jim's over there again, and Rosie's not here yet!

We're gonna do the chicken skewer for Theron.

Chicken Skewer. Oh the skewer!


Hello, I'm late!

Now we're gonna prepare the sauce for the chicken, this one.

So this is what a shallot looks like.

Do we have a name for these or they're just? The pepper, the big pepper?

I love the way they smell. I wish they would make candles out of these.

This one is the chicken on the skewers but the sauce we call curry sauce.

And cajun seasoning?
I'm sure . Is this enough brown sugar? Yeah.

We have a Ninja? Ninja!

Ninja you should sponsor us - you're used in almost every one of our podcasts.


Do we know how many dried peppers that is?

Six...Six or eight.

And this one too? Oh, that one too?

So we put water in the dried pep- well they're both dried peppers.

Lion King.

Shallots, shallots.
The pepper called? Chile de arbol.

Oh Arbol, chile de arbol, ok.

You know the type of pepper honey ?
I don't know what those are.

I'll find out. And then Thai peppers, right?
Home-grown peppers.

And salt!



Is there  - what else? There's something in here that tastes different.

It's ginger right? Yeah.
It might be ginger or that other weird pepper.

It good?

O gosh it's so good.

Calypso, ingredient.
It's a seasoning?

Yes seasoning.

All seasoning curry.

2 teaspoon for sugar.

the brown sugar.

2 teaspoon for soy sauce.

Coconut milk.

Milk? That's solid!

You have fish sauce?  Yeah.
Ok I can have fish sauce too? Yeah, of course!

And two teaspoons.

Olive oil.

Two teaspoons of this?
Teaspoon or tablespoon?

Tablespoon, tablespoon.


Chicken skewer.

Did you video tape this? This is so cool.

Nee's doing all the cooking. She's like...

She's a machine!

She'd be good on Iron Chef.

No joke dude!

Theron... Wait take off your shoes.

How much taller am I?

7 inches maybe 8?


How much is 7 -

You're 4'9"!

It's a guess!

You know the three witches and then they  - oh - yeah yeah, Macbeth. Macbeth.

Yeah Macbeth - we're doing Macbeth play. Cool.

So we're just frying it? Yeah.
Like a what?
Like you put on a grill...
Oh like a grill.
On the grill, yeah.

Everything - there's so much stuff to cook!!

It's ready!

She's got a flat butt.
It might be done.
She's too skinny is the problem.

Say Hi.

Whoa he said Hi!!

Oh I thought you said we were gonna do a song for the chicken.

I'm so hungry now!

Eat it, eat it, eat it.

Oh hello!

What do you think?

Oh wait I'm gonna, I don't want to make a mess, come here.


For some reason you look like Goldie Locks.
Not really.
This is not what goldie locks looks like, but.

It's good or not good?
Is it good?

It's so good!
It's so good!

Now I want some.

I mean the flavors are amazing but it's so - it's the chicken also so tender.

I'm gonna get another one.

It's really good.
Oh my gosh right?

Go get me one too!
I want one too!

How is it, Theron?


On the chair, sorry!

Thank you for joining us on this episode of Cooking With Us.

With Rosie, Nee, me, Jim, and Theron who is of course behind the camera as usual!
And I hope you guys try this fantastic - well - several fantastic things.

Eh don't worry. I've got like a third eye on him.
Do you?

Third eye....
That's the wrong way...
Brigly's over there.

Oh Third Eye.

Theron can twerk.
Lemme see, lemme see. Yeah!!

Come on!!!!

I feel like a nine year old right now.

We're talking about Theron.
C'mon Theron.
Why don't you Twerk for us?

Like with a torch wrench?


I'm not twerking lovie.

I'll teach you - remember - squat - and then pop it, pop it, pop it!

She can - look she can really do it!!

Yeah I can.

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