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Cooking With Us - E13 - Nee's Chicken Jasmin Rice

Hola Peeps!

If you remember our delicious chicken satay from the last blog, you should be equally excited about the main course that Nee made to go with them!

What was it, you ask?  Why none other than Chicken-Ginger-Jasmine Rice!

^ Here is a photo of the final plating ^
I wish I could send smell through this website, because it was out of this world!

Here comes the part two of the podcast! As always, full screen and watch in HD!
And as usual, the photos, recipe, and transcript will follow :)

Fun with bunny ears! And hugs! Who doesn't love hugs?

Rosie and Brigly are buddies! 
They went on a 'field trip' to get a rice cooker for Nee!

Start with a whole chicken - preferably one you can make wave at the camera.
Put it in a large pot full of water.

Add four or five cloves of garlic to your pot of boiling chicken.

Also add a lot of sliced ginger, pounded.

Add ample salt, and leave it to boil - approx 30 minutes or until done.

Success!  Enter Jim with the rice cooker!

For the rice - you're going to use Jasmine rice (hence the name) and sticky rice.

Quite a lot of Jasmine rice.

And 1/3rd the amount of sticky rice.

Don't forget to dance and sing "Sticky Stick Ri-ice!"

I mean, really put your hearts into this dance, people!

Once your chicken is done, remove it from the pot of boiled water.
And have your husband hold it while you admire the steam! ^^

Add the broth from the chicken + ginger pot into your rice cooker - a bit more than enough to cover the rice.

To this, add ample olive oil, and mix.

Next up - add a fair amount of salt.

Finally add garlic powder.

Now cover, and let your rice cook.

Because now it's time to make the sauce for the Chicken-Jasmine Rice.
Start with pickled garlic, chopped up into small bits.

Then add in a fair amount of yellow bean sauce (which can be pretty tough to get out!)

Next up: chopped Thai chili peppers.

Just look at Nee's mad chopping skills!!

Then add in ample white vinegar.

And ample soy sauce.
Then add your pickled garlic, some fried garlic, brown sugar, and of course...

Quite a lot of ginger!

Here is what your fantastic and delicious sauce should look like!
Finish with a small amount of cilantro and green onions.

Now it's time to chop up your whole chicken.

Get as much meat off as you can!
Also - chop up a fair amount of cucumber!

Now take everything into the dining room and let the plating begin!

The base layer is your Jasmine/sticky rice, then layer your chicken over that, and on top of this goes your delicious sauce.  Finally top with fresh cilantro, green onions, and cucumbers.

Yummy yummy!

And you're welcome!


 - 1 whole chicken
boil in large pot of water with salt, 4 - 5 cloves of garlic, and a fair amount of sliced ginger for approximately 30 minutes.

When done, remove chicken from the pot and save for later.  
When your chicken is cool, chop it up and save all the meat.

Meanwhile, add a lot of Jasmine rice and 1/3 that amount of sticky rice to your rice cooker.
Add in the broth you've created from your chicken-ginger-garlic pot, just a little more than enough to cover your rice.

Add approx 2 TBSP olive oil, salt, and garlic. Cover and cook rice.


In a decent sized boll, add:
- yellow bean sauce
- chopped Thai chilies
- chopped pickled garlic
- fried garlic
- a lot of white vinegar
- a lot of soy sauce
- brown sugar
- a lot of chopped, fresh garlic.
- some chopped green onions
- some chopped cilantro

Now it's time to put it all together: First - plate your Jasmin/Sticky rice mixture.
On top of that, layer your chicken.
Finally, top with the sauce you've made, as well as some fresh cilantro, green onions, and chopped cucumber.


xoxo From Paris (And now from Prague)!


Hi, Welcome back to Cooking With Us.

So this is kind of Part 2 of Nee's last Cooking With Us - she started making the awesome curry chicken satay which I hope you guys try and love.

And she also made us Chicken Ginger Jasmine Rice which is also excellent and that's what you're gonna see today.

We're on a trip through Thailand, Right now.

This is called what?

Called Ginger rice. Ginger rice. Chicken ginger rice, ok.

And in Thai?

So how much water?

Oh yeah, all the way up there.

Hi!!!  I'm gonna... I'm already dead, now I'm gonna go get boiled.

Aww its little legs.Aww

Cutting up garlic. Four or five cloves for the boiling water.


And now ...ginger... ginger I put this one.

salt?  Yes 2 Teaspoon

Looking at what you've started.

Your mom bring the...?

Not yet, just call her when you need rice.

I need rice Cooker!

Ask my mom for rice!

No! I want to cook rice by myself.

I need a rice cooker.

Do you want to go buy a rice cooker?

Go to the restaurant and ask Marco, and Marco will give you one, OK? Just go ok?

Is it ok if I bring Brigly with us?
Take Brigly.
Yes they can take Brigly.

He's going on a field trip.

Oh my god that's big!!!

Yeah that's...

That's the big one.

Industrial size.

Rice cooker achieved!!!

We haven't cooked the rice, because we haven't started.

On the streets of Chicago, I am walking with my love....

Yes see?

That's me!

Jasmine rice is happening now!

Enough!!! Enough Valerie!

Adding rice to the rice cooker now!

Rice rice ri-ri-rice rice.

It's sticky rice?
Oh yay sticky rice I love it!!

A third sticky rice.

Sticky sticky ri-ice sticky stick ri-ice sticky sticky ri-ice sticky sticky ri-ice!

Oh he's dead now!!

He's dead and dead and dead. Dead times three.

Look at that awesome steam action happening here.

Very hot dead bird.

We use this water and just...

Ohhh it's like a broth!

all of it?  Yes.

So we put the chicken broth water with ginger and whatnot into our rice cooker.


Olive oil.  Olive oil.

Enough. Ok.


That is garlic powder? Mhm

Cooking now.
Cooking the rice now?

Cilantro and green onion.


More ginger! More ginger.

Thank you honey.

And what was this?

We gonna make the sauce for our ginger rice.

Oh pickled garlic.

I've never bought pickled garlic.

I've never heard of pickled garlic.

Makes sense though.

So we're chopping up pickled garlic.

This one we're gonna start making a sauce for eating with the ginger rice.

Yellow bean sauce. Yellow bean sauce.
Yellow bean sauce?

This one is peppers. Add what you want pepper.

And vinegar.

Pickled garlic.

Fried garlic.


Soy sauce.

And ginger!

Valerie has a lot of video editing to do.

More brown sugar? mhm

does what. Just dance..

That smells good.  I can't smell it - I smelled the rice.


She's like 'Move food is in the-'

Move there's food!

No... that's great.  It's like every time Nee cooks, I drool.

Look at that.


Meanwhile Nee is slicing up really thin pieces of chicken.

Turn around. Yeaa!!

Can I get a cucumber?

Yes you can.

We're putting the jasmine chicken broth rice.

This is the preparation.

And we're adding the chicken...

This is the whole chicken.

Yeah the whole chicken.

And then we put the sauce on top.

And then the green onions, and the cilantro.
And cucumber too!


And that's the final.

Fit for a king and fit for me.

Clearly we're a dinner fit for a king and for Rosie.

It's so good!

Oh my god I love this.

My husband! My best friend.

I'm here in the shadows!!

Well I hope you guys try that cause it's excellent and it looks like a lot of work ... but I didn't do it so Nee did it so.... but it's awesome and it's excellent and it's scrumptious.

Thanks for joining us for Cooking With Us!  See ya in Europe.



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