Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cooking with Us: E6: Tipsy Talk and Fondue

While we were working on our flank steak the other night, we also made fondue! We were going to make it as a topping, but got hungry and ate it first instead.

I thought I would share our tipsy talk and fondue recipe, because it was funny - at least, to me!

Our in-depth conversation about countries ^-^

Real fondue recipe (also a great steak topper):

- 1/2 lb Emmentaler
- 1/2 lb Gruyere
- 1/2 lb Cheddar
Grate and Mix with
- 2.5 TBSP flour to coat
- 1 cup dry white wine

Coat your pot with a garlic clove, add all the ingredients, and cook on low, stirring often.
Also excellent with a baguette of course!

I was um, thinking again about what my mom steak came with and what it didn't come with... and what she refused, basically, for it to come with was cheese. Because it was obviously coming tons of peppers and onions but it was also usually coated, at this place, with cheese.
She mentioned that on the post on Facebook, so I thought, I'll make fondue!

The new Brigly sac, new and improved.

So I got ...Gruyere, Emmentaler, and because we're in Wisconsin, our favorite Wisconsin cheddar.
A dry... Sauvignon Blanc.
Une Baguette...

Brigly bear, should I make the fondue later?

Big P, why... do you guys put flour or cornstarch in with your cheese?  Or do you?

What country are we gonna live in now that all the governments are fucked?

We've been over this so much, Denmark.

And why are we living in Denmark? Cause of the babies...

I dunno.. Babies outside in the snow.

Is there any other reason?

I actually, probably...  I think they have...I think they're the happiest country...

What language do they speak there?


Could we get a job there?

Hard... it would prolly be really hard... 'cause we're just stupid Americans...

Well that's true... What's the country where they're always sad?

Where they're always sad?

You had a friend and he was like 'oh we're always depressed' - was that Holland?

In this - Oh! No that's Hungary. But


you got

It starts with an H.

Yeah Hungary.

It's a cheese Castle!

2 tablespoons flour...

You're doing a good job I think.

Rub inside with garlic.

I wonder why with garlic... I mean...

One cup of wine.

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