Monday, November 4, 2013

Cooking with Us: E7: Tuna Tataki

I've really been fiending for Jai-Yen's (in Chicago) style Tuna Tataki for quite a while now.

While "tataki" can mean anything from seared, sliced beef or tuna to just those things cut up small, we are gonna stick with calling this tuna tataki, b/c how could Jai-Yen ever be wrong when their food tastes so right?

For this dish you absolutely need sushi-grade tuna (which you will probably have to order from the seafood counter at your local grocery store.)

Needless to say, I was super pumped when my tuna came in this past Saturday!

As usual I suggest viewing this full-screen and in high res. 
Also, please don't judge my attempts at Japanese ;)

The excitement begins!
(Photos et al beyond the jump!)

As you could have guessed from the above photo, Brigly and I were all decked out for Dia de los Muertos, as it was November 2nd, or All Soul's Day.  - But more on that later! 
(Specifically, more on my earrings)

You're going to start by chopping up all your ingredients, saving the tuna for last.
Clearly in this house we like jalapenos, so those were first to be chopped!

Next, my helpful hubby chopped a large *yellow* onion, despite me constantly calling it a white onion :)

Then dice up some avocados because - you know you love them!!

When that's all done, you're free to get your awesome, sushi-grade tuna from the fridge 
and slice it up in cubes for your dish!

Sort of like this :)

This tuna will still remain mostly raw, but adding lemon or lime juice to it will essentially 'cook' it - 
just like with ceviche.  Just.. don't add too much or you'll have something way too citrusy on your hands.

Then add soy sauce - we prefer low sodium!

Commence layering in your ingredients. Avocado - nom nom nom!

And your onion, as much as you like, of course.
This was a strong one so we didn't use a lot.

Jalapenos go without saying around these parts!

Add more soy sauce on the top, and stir up your ingredients.

In the middle of the stirring process, adjust your ingredients till you get everything just right.

This is how our wonderful, delicious, and not super gorgeous-looking final product came out.
Sooo good!
And so good for you!

Then say Kanpai! 
('cheers' or more literally 'dry the glass')
And indulge in your favorite sake!
(Sorry for cutting your head off sweetie!)

This is truly a simple, delicious meal you can make pretty quick.
Before I share the recipe, though, I wanted to share one more essential thing!

My earrings of course!  They were expertly crafted by my cousin Sharlin...

She's super talented, as you can see -
 and has other varieties of these, and many other awesome crafts she creates.  

These gorgeous earrings are for sale, so please either leave a comment here 
and I'll contact her for you, 
or you can reach out to her on her facebook page:

I'm hoping she'll have an Etsy page up soon!

No more stalling - onto our recipe, of sorts!

- Approximately 2 large jalapenos
- 1.5 tablespoons strong yellow onion
- Approximately 1.5 medium sized avocados, diced
- I used just under a lb of sushi grade Tuna, diced
add lemon juice and soy sauce to taste.

You can also add cucumbers and sesame seeds, which they do at Jai-Yen.
Feel free to leave out the peppers if you, unlike us, don't need *EVERY* meal to be spicy - as it will still be super delicious.

Either way this is a great meal, and high in protein!

Dōzo meshiagare!  (Dig in!)


PS: Transcript follows!


And welcome to Cooking with Us! 
Today is November 2nd, Dia de los Muertos, All Soul's Day.
But not when you're watching this, it won't be that day at all. It'll prolly be a different day.
And what we're making today has nothing to do with the fact that we're dressed very cool for All Soul's Day... 
But, if you like my earrings, my cousin Sharlin made them, and if you want them, I will post a link below, so you can buy them.

Onaka ga sukimashita!!  I'm hungry! I don't know about you.
Let's make some tuna tataki!

You guys have seen me cut up peppers plenty of times, so it should be no surprise that I'm cutting up peppers for our tuna tataki as well.

The jalapenos have really good flavor and I think they'll be perfect.

That's an onion.

Theron's cut... Theron's cutting up one uh fairly big white onion...



The next thing we're gonna need is avocado.
I would usually save this for last, but since tuna is apparently really delicate and you have to cut it fast, we're gonna... do that last.

So from what I saw online, this part of the tuna is the best part so we're gonna cut that off in somewhat of a triangle... and save it.

Theron's finishing up cutting up the tuna for us. I'm just mixing some wasabi and soy sauce.

So we have good tuna here, it's not fishy flavored at all.

So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna layer some in the bottom of this bowl.

If you wanna "cook" it, you can add some lime or lemon juice. We're gonna use just a little bit of lemon juice, because a little goes a long way.

We're gonna use some soy sauce. 

Then add your avocado.  

A little bit of, um, onion, because this is very strong onion.
That's prolly good.

And jalapenos!

I'm gonna add a little more soy sauce to the top of everything.

If you don't like jalapenos, don't use them. If you love sesame seeds. put 'em on... you can also add cucumbers to this.

And you just mix it all up together.  

Adjust recipe to your taste, right?



It's not the most beautiful plating, but again, I'm not a chef.  
This is our finished product.

And you have a really, really good healthy protein rich meal for your loved ones and yourself.


Really good.

Yeah?  Awesome.

There's some tuna tataki - super simple.. Only difficulty is getting your tuna.


That's for joining us for this episode of Cooking with Us, happy Dia de los Muertos, and cheers!




Ichiban!!!  We are number one!

Hello Mr.Brigly. hehe

Ok, Let's eat!

Ok! Bye Bye!



  1. The food looks delicious! However, I gotta say, I didn't feel the energy here. Seemed a little uninspired maybe. Not sure. Now I'm even more hungry though. :(