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Cooking With Us - e36 - Hamburgers


Theron's Burgers
And no, I haven't been watching too much Magnum P.I. (*coughs*).
OK, OK... My little cousin is in Hawaii right now and just took a flight on a replica chopper from the show, so maybe I have been binge watching that 1980's classic! ;)

Either way, that has nothing to do with these super-fantastic burgers we cooked up last week!
One of my 2 burgers!

These hamburgers were made the way my mom always made them when my sis and I were growing up (by putting stuff in the beef before cooking, of course!) Theron and I, however, have rather different takes on toppings.

That really doesn't matter when you're starting with such a great base, though - excellently flavored ground beef!

And since I decided not to slack today, a photo post will follow the video.

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Yes I know, the lighting at the start is horrible... but isn't that title fun?

First up, start by putting 1 to 2lbs of ground beef into a mixing bowl.
We chose to use 2lbs because we (rightly) wanted left overs :)

Get this mixed together and get ready to add in your (not so secret) ingredients!

Start with a few dashes of salt!

Next - a fair amount of ground black pepper.
We used sort of a lot because we love it!

Then we added in 2 eggs because we had 2lbs of beef.
If you only have 1lb of beef, you only need 1 egg!

Next up - pour in a fair amount of A1!

Then, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce - and that's it!
Now mix it all together really well!

And hope your husband's just kidding when he yells, "meatball fight!"

(Yes Theron is a goofball, the biggest meatball of all!)

Form your patties to be a good thickness (as seen in the midground).
In the background, I've already done my first batch of three.
Basically cook them until, when you cut a bit into them, no more blood comes out.
Then we put them in the toaster to keep them warm.
(This took about 15 minutes or so.)

While you're waiting for your burgers to cook, get out all your condiments!
We sliced tomatoes and onions, as well as fresh jalapenos.

This is my last batch of gorgeous patties.

At this point, if you're a cheese lover, you can put your cheese on them while they finish up cooking.

Now just top them with what you want.
I like A1, ketchup, pickles, and pickled jalapenos on mine.
I also added fresh ones which were awesome too!
My hamburger may be simple, but it is dang delicious!!

As if you couldn't tell by this smiling burger-filled face and thumbs-up!

Theron's burgers have way more toppings, including mustard, cheddar cheese,
grilled onions and grilled jalapenos, as well as tomatoes and salad!

I won't lie, they do look gorgeous!

Quite the first bite!!

Another happy face!
Go Mom's Burger Recipe!

As far as I'm concerned, these are the best burgers in the world -
and not at all hard to make -
so you should probably get to making them straight away!

I hope you enjoyed this one!
I really loved making it (and eating the results!)

So I am going to show you mine again ^^

Recipe:In mixing bowl:
- 2lbs thawed ground beef
- salt
- pepper
- 2 raw eggs
- ample A1
- ample Worcestershire sauce

Mix well and form into decent sized patties.

Cook in a skillet or in a George Foreman grill if you have one.
(In a skillet it takes approx 15 minutes, flipping as you go, until no blood, just clear liquid, comes out).
Use the toaster to keep them warm if you're making a lot!

We also toasted our buns!

Top with whatever toppings you love on your burgers!
It's as simple as that!


Hi, Welcome to KumoCafe's Cooking With Us.

Today we're gonna do my mom's version of hamburgers...
And that's going to involve...

Two pounds of ground beef, and we're gonna need A1 and worcestershire sauce.
What's that?

That's marinade.

Aw Sh-

And two eggs cause we have two pounds of beef.

Salt. And pepper.

First we put the pounds of beef into the mixing bowl.

So, some salt.

Some pepper.

Two eggs.
Yes that's an egg.

Flawless victory!

That's it.

Meatball fight!

Cooking burgers over here.

She said Bon Apetit.

After about fifteen minutes our first batch seems to be done, so I'm gonna put them in here...

And keep them warm in our toaster oven.

Just look how beautiful that is!
Why thank you!

Do you have problems with grease?

You know that I have problems with grease.

This is how I make mine!

So the top gets the ketchup.

That looks very nice.
Thank you, that's my side salad.

The bottom gets the A1.


And jalapenos that are...
Pickled jalapenos, yeah.

But since we have fresh jalapenos I'm gonna use some of those too.







"Just like Momma Made it!"

So good! So good!

Your turn.

So... mustard.

Cheddar cheese, Great Wisconsin, right?
Grease included.

Look how beautiful those are.

Cooked onions.

Cooked fresh jalapenos.
Making a little tri-force.

I'm gonna put pickles.

As you can see I put everything on one side..
 and stack it up so I don't have to...

This is new?

Wow that looks amazing.

Mine might not look like much but...
mm mm mm

You know, don't judge a book by it's cover.

It's a hamburger... by it's buns.

One bite.

It's good.
It's good right?
The way the meat's made makes a difference doesn't it?

Yeah it's got a little nice...
Like, kick to it.
Internal spice.

As usual I'm gonna say let's turn that off so we can eat this.

Are you  gonna give me my - uh our scale that you've forgotten?

Make it?
Make it.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of Cooking With Us...

Where we say these hamburgers are the best hamburgers ever in the whole wide world, and you should make them.

They were the best.. uh yeah OK.


The whole world? That's -
They're really amazing-
saying a lot.
hamburgers... And you should make them.

That's for you Brigly.

Sense-Three! Brigly -



Go ahead get it, get it!  Good boy!

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