Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooking With Us - E18 - Peach Pies

Welcome all,
And rejoice! 
For your favorite episodic cooking show on Youtube is back: Cooking With Us!
This time I had a little too much fun with some of my effects in Avid, but was inspired, as can be seen in the image below, by a photo on Pinterest!
Nichole and Josh helped Theron and I out the first go-round!
We set out to make individually pie-crust-wrapped peaches,
 and after only one failed attempt, we wound up with a truly delicious dessert!

Below is the video where you can see Theron, myself, and our awesome Couchsurfer from Vancouver enjoying the fruits (and pastry) of our labor!

You know the drill: Hi-res, full screen, and share!

Our final product looked thusly:

The first thing you want to do is make or buy your pie crust.
By now you guys know I am not in love with baking, nor am I particularly skilled at it,
 so I opted for Pillsbury pie crust in easily roll-out-able dough rounds.

It's always important to have muffin tins that will fit in the oven you're using!
  (My big mistake the first time! Woopsie!)

You also need to halve your peaches and remove the pits.

Considering this, it's always awesome to have helpers with you!

 Sometimes even helpers within helpers!
Or I just like to play with my picture-in-picture tool! haha

And if your new friend Megan suggests you have kitchen helper minions,
 because you yourself aren't helping with the pitting of the peaches, just relish the idea!

Now fill the peach halves with jam. We used blueberry and blackberry preserves.
Per the original recipe, you can fill them with honey, but Theron is allergic,
and this was delicious anyway!

Now roll out your pie dough.
Already shaped and everything? Awesome!

 Set your peach on said dough, measure how much dough you need, cut it, and wrap it up!

If you know what you're doing, it'll look something like this!
(Yes this was Nichole's peach during our first effort:)

 The second time around, we coated each peachy dough ball in granulated sugar.

And some of them got sprinkled with cinnamon as well!

We also wrapped two of the peach halves solo, which was awesome!

Next up: Be happy because, thanks to your new muffin tin, they all fit in your oven.
We cooked ours for 15 minutes, then for another 5-10.

 Remove them and let them cool for a while, because that jam and those peaches are hot-a-tot-tot!

Then be happy again, because they actually came out right this time!
Even if I did over-stuff mine with jam!

Megan's turned out amazing as well!

Though I think Theron's half-peach may have been the most beautiful!
And considering how much I love pie dough, I may make more like this next time!

 The last thing you have to do is enjoy!
Tho we look kind of dour here, we realize eating and savoring is serious business!
And as I said before: Delight in the fruits (and pastry) of your labor! ;D

And don't forget!

We need You!
To take up our recipes and make them!  And make them your own!
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 Finally:  Aren't babies and puppies cute?
Yes they are!
So Cute!!!

Babies feeding puppies peaches?
Even cuter!

Till Next Time!


- 6 Ripe peaches, halved and pitted
- 2 rolls of pre-made pie dough, rolled out
- jam or honey
- sugar and cinnamon

Preheat oven to 425
Halve your peaches and pit them.
Fill the peach pits with honey or your favorite jam. (I love Bonne Maman jam)
Roll the dough around the peaches till they are covered.
Roll the peach-dough balls in granulated sugar. 
Sprinkle with cinnamon
(Of course you can also use brown sugar, nutmeg, etc.)

Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray and bake them at 425 for 15-25 minutes.

Remove and let cool.



Hi and welcome to another episode of Cooking With Us.

Today we have our couchsurfer, Megan, who has come all the way from Vancouver...

Just for this!

Just for this.


We're gonna make this peach recipe that I talked about before... Insert here.

Our friend Nichole's here with her son.

Say Hi.

Say hi.

And we're going to make a recipe found on pinterest...

And it's basically, like you have peaches you can stuff with honey, but since this one's allergic to honey we're not gonna do that...

So right now Theron's going to cut these in half and take out the seed.

You need assistance?
Yes!  Ok.

Look at this, she's helpful.

So helpful.

Little kitchen minions.

Yes, my minions!!

Seven peaches.

So now we're gonna fill the peaches up with jam... all of them, 'cause they're better that way.

So we have wild blueberry and blackberry.

And then we're gonna wrap them in homemade pie crust.
As you can tell, homemade.

And we're going to back them at preheated 425 for 13-15 minutes.

Oops that was a lot... Well, if it seeps out it seeps out.

It's time for you to roll out the puff pastry.

We can always add more.

You can like, roll it in there.


Can I try one?

Please do.

yeah yeah.

And as usual...


So much better than us.

There we go!

I'm just looking like an idiot over here, and she's like 'boom boom boom, there you go.'

Yep, perfect. Perfect. And like make a little bow on the top.

She's not nervous... Like see? She's all... not nervous at all.

That's an expert there.

Do you want any cinnamon for yours? What do you, what do you want? What do you think?

Ohh, oh maybe.

I think cinnamon is good, yeah.

Maybe I should do a half a peach.


We're shakin' it up over here.

We can just put it like right there.

No no, nope, no!

Put it inside?

Cause that's what happened last time and that's why they didn't get cooked right.

What are we doing different this time?

Well, I've got ...this will actually fit in the toaster this time...

So we're good to go there...

13 to 15 minutes, ready?

Maybe we should put, put, we...
Ah shit I really thought that was gonna fit!

We can put them in here... they can just sit there...

Ok that's

The bottom's aren't getting done, so we're gonna flip them over.

I can smell it...
Yeah you can smell it because I'm trying to turn it over.

Oooh oooh...



Peach flavor is good... crust is kinda doughy...

Well, Ok.

We'll try again.

We'll try again.

It looks like that rectangle worked well.


The more you know.

Cinnamon magic!

Ok let's put these in the toaster oven...

Look!! Ahhhh, it they fit!

That's a good fit.

They smell really good.

They might be ready, but I just want to cook them for a little bit longer.

Like five more minutes?

Something like that.

I agree.

Now we're gonna take them out, 'cause we think they are done.

You can tell that... our jam came out a lot.... a lot a lot.

I wish you could smell this...

It's like basically we made tiny little peach pies.

Well yeah.



Now that I think about it.

I'm just gonna go like that.

good job!

What are you just gonna take out the half one?


Nicely done. That one looks really good, actually.

Put Brigly down and get a fork, Sweetie.

Is it good?

Actually I just got a piece of the pie crust only.
I think it's perfect!

I got some pie crust only and I think it's really good.

I like the sugar on the pie crust.


It helps a lot.

I think that helps.

It's not as pretty as the one on pinterest, but it is really good.
It's prettier.

It's good. Really good. It's good.

Breakfast peach.
So it's a success?

I think so.
I think so.

Well thank you for joining us on this episode of Cooking With Us, where we finally got it right.

Um... Go out and get some peaches, and some pre-made pie crust if you don't want to make your own...
And enjoy!

It's like good old American...
Yeah it's American - 'See ya Later!'


'Have a good one!'

Ok... I can see the red light...


Well film-

Give that one to the puppy!

You wanna give it to him?

Here you go.


She fixes it in post.


  1. This may well be my favorite episode of Cooking With Us so far and you look so cute in it. Very well done and entertaining!

    1. That's really awesome that it's a front runner!!
      It was definitely fun to shoot *and* edit! <-- I found myself laughing several times.
      So glad you liked it :) And thanks for the compliments!

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  3. Yes, cute indeed! Your guests were good sports! Baked peaches n jam looked yummy!

    1. Gracias Peter :D They were great sports - and it was so yummy!!