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Cooking With Us: e20: Lard Nar (awesome chicken stew!)

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We have a fun and enlightening podcast for you!!
Wanna make Thai-style comfort food?
Here you go!!

This time the main course was Lard Na - so much like comfort food!!

 This is what you're plate will look like if you do it right! 
And Saowanee aint lyin' when she says you'll not be able to stop eating!!

Start off with an awesome friend who explains this meal to you - even if it still seems complicated!!
(Hence - no recipe this time. Follow along ppl!)
First thing - cook noodles in hot water for approx 3 minutes.

See? Three minutes!
Also, Megan was there, as well as Rosie and Tutor! 
Good  Times!

Apparently it's more traditional to use larger noodles, 
but hey I love these ones so it worked out for me :D
See how Megan is doing all the work?
Yeah, I'm lazy that way!

Nee is an expert at chopping...
and, well, everythnig.
First time I've ever had Chinese Broccoli and 'twas delicious!

You just flash boil it. Just a few minutes and it's done.

Done already :)

Now Nee chops garlic and Tutor explains it's for a gravy :D

Nee also cuts up chicken insanely fast!!

The chicken gets put in a sauce of garlic, ground black peppercorns, oyster sauce, and olive oil.
Soooo good!
Check out our prior episode to understand why I called it shrimp sauce ;)

Then you put a crapton of veggie oil in your wok b/c your making delicious Thai food!!

Then you mix up 6 eggs...

And you fry them!!
You've heard of egg fried rice?
Yeah, it's actually a lotta work!
And you know how it looks?

Amazing of course!
Six fried eggs - awesome bc Nee made them :D

Then add in your noodles...

Bc this isn't egg fried rice, it's Lard Na, and that = noodles, people!!!

Then try and be helpful by getting out fish sauce, but know you're really pretty lost already :D

Then you may be like, 'That's all the fish sauce you want?'
But find out later this is only the base for the food, which gets lots more stuff ;D

Nee is so strong!  She cut up the eggs and noodles like this!

Then they were done! And got put on the table!
Onto the main event!

 Meanwhile, you're gonna need to put about a pack of Tapioca starch in a bowl with cool water.

More veggie oil people!

Then in goes garlic, and stir stir stir til golden brown!
:9   =)

Then add in your chicken!!

And some fermented bean paste.
Does that sound bad? 
It's not! It's just salty!

Then put in quite a lot of oyster sauce! Which is also kinda salty :)

Then about four sprinkles (this size) of sugar!

And a LOT of fish sauce b/c fish sauce is plainly awesome!

Mix well!!
Isn't that beautiful??

Meanwhile, Tutor stirs our tapioca starch =)

And we add in ALL the water that was still in the pot from flash boiling the broccoli.
Theron helped:)

Then slowly stir in your tapioca starch sauce...
Which does make it more of a gravy!

Top with the Chinese broccoli!

And you're done!
Beautiful, right??

So pretty!
About time to eat :D

First plate the egg-noodle mixture!!

And on top pour generous amounts of your Chicken-Broccoli deliciousness :D

And when Nee says, "You won't be able to stop eating" just trust her ;D

Tutor says - "Tastes like Home!!" (Home of course being Thailand :)
Although this dish is originally from Laos! (I read on wiki;)

Delicious food? Awesome friends?

Alloy mak ma!!!


Hi, and welcome to Part Two of this Episode of Cooking With Us.

If you missed Part One, you should go back and check it out, because we made amazing fried garlic shrimp rolls.

They were excellent.

Now on to the main course - Lard na, Rad na, or this fantastic stew.

How do you say Welcome?


Cooking With Us!

Today we're making

Lard Nah! Lard Nah.

We're gonna cooking a noodle with topping with a stir fried egg topping, with a vegetable...

We call this  ...
Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli!!!

This one!  Soaking with hot water.

Hot water? Ok.

That's not a very nice song, Rosie...

It's a sad song.

You gotta keep us on track, Megan.
I think, I think we might get distracted here.

So we have shrimp peeling-
now it's moving around the kitchen

-noodle warming...

I was like, I've got 'Kitchen Minions' again...

Yeah, you can just relax...

Nee can I use that bowl
for noodles?

Yes, they're good.
They're pretty done.

Ok. Should they be rinsed?
Or, like, the water taken out of them?

How long do the noodles stay in the hot water?

Um, basically it's three minutes, I think.

One pack?  So we won't do two.
Just do the one.

Now this is Chinese broccoli?

And it's part of the main course?

We separate the stem out of the leaf, the leaf cooks faster... You don't want the leaf to sit too long in the hot water...

How many water do you want?

Right there's good.

Ok, so Nee is making...

Lard Na.

And she's using a lot of garlic, apparently.
Yeah, yes.

Several cloves of garlic.

It's a compliment for the, for the gravy.

So we're gonna make a gravy and we put on the top of it and then we eat together with it.

The noodles just taste like nothing.

Taste like noodle.
Just taste like noodle! Yes.

Look at her!
I know.

Shoom shoom shoom shoom shoom!

Iron chef... Sheboygan!

What's mixed with the chicken?

We missed a crucial step.

The rest of the sauce?

The rest of the... shrimp sauce.

Ok, so it's garlic, peppercorn, and the oil...

And the oyster sauce.

And the oyster sauce.

And crushed pepper in the blender.


And then we're gonna... we're gonna get the starch.

What's that for?

Tapioca starch?

Tapioca starch, for, for the gravy.


Lots of oil going in here...

How many eggs?

Six or seven?

I just put six.

So that's six complete eggs.

Water boiling right?
Water boiling.

It is healthy.
Everything is healthy.

Soy bean.
Fermented soy bean.

How much do you need, Nee?

No. That's all.
That's good?

Yeah good luck with that one.

Bean sauce...
We're using...
Don't know....


That was fast.

It's flash boil.

That's kinda cooking there.

Nee Nee Nee!

This This This.

Oh! I kinda got that.

Oh. That's going in there.
We totally missed something -

I kinda got it.

When Nee's here...

Everything happens too fast.

We need like a... an aerial cooking camera so it's always catching everything.

Fish sauce!

A little bit, only.
Just sprinkle.

Yes, that's all.

That's all?

So this is done, huh?

This goes on the table, alright!

The noodles are done.

Put water in the corn starch to use it... to mix it.
To mix it.

We put the garlic, and stir with the chicken.


A little bit golden brown...
And, it smells good already, right?


In goes the chicken?

With the garlic.. um... oyster sauce... and ground black pepper.

Everything is fun when you're part of a team!

Everything is awesome.
Oh... but.. isn't that how it goes -

Everything is awesome!!

This is the bean sauce?

And the oyster sauce?

Lots of oyster sauce.

And sugar.

And fish sauce?

Looks really good.

This the tapioca starch.
Tapioca starch?

Now the water goes in here?

Wow, all the water?

But it's gonna thicken up because of the tapioca!

Magic, mhm, it's magic, it's magic!

More sugar.

You like my Thailand cooking.


'Cause it's awesome.

We always do two tapes when Nee comes over.

I love to make some appetizers for them so...

And we love the appetizers so...

Wow, it looks so beautiful!
It does look good.

Ok, done.

Wow! Look at that!

Ok Nee - GO!

Oh! Yes, actually, it's ok.

This is the Chinese broccoli with all the sauces...

Here you go Theron, three meals for you.

And some shrimps, please?

You're gonna not stop eating!

Mmm... It's so good, so good.

Feels like home.
Feels like home.

I love it.
I love this one.

That's excellent.


Yeah? Rock on.

Auntie why did you walk -
which restaurant was it -

It tastes like so much like home cooking, you know?

It's really good.

Yeah, it's very like comfort food.

You can do whatever you're about to do, but sit down.

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Cooking With Us, and as usual, ....

Bye, bye!!

Rosie as nine in our last podcast, but she just turned ten!
She just had a birthday!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

This is what one does when they're ten.
Theron, they do Theron poses.

That's not a film camera, is it?
Yeah it is.


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute. That dish looks yummy and I am really glad you showed us why that was called Chinese broccoli. :) I was wondering. Looks like a good time.

    1. Doesn't taste at all like broccoli but yes the dish is awesome - as was having everyone over :)