Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cooking With Us - e46 - Campfire Beer Brats

Since September 12th was Theron's 35th birthday, we decided to go on a camping trip!
Theron thought it would be fun to shoot a 'Cooking with Us' the night we arrived,
so we turned to a friend's suggestion that was very exciting to Theron:
brats (and cheese) cooked in beer!

 The fact it was in the 40's and basically pitch black outside while we cooked
over a persnickety campfire made it difficult to say the least!
But, the end result definitely paid off!

As you can see from this still, our brats cooked gorgeously!
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Also, make these! You won't regret it! 
Well, your waistline might :)

 You have to agree this looks amazing and fun!
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cooking With Us - e45 - Coconut Milk Stew

Original stew, leftovers.
Hola Gang!
I'm gonna try to make this update short and sweet.

About a week or so ago I made a coconut milk stew from somewhere in the depths of my imagination.  
Leftovers: first stew on bottom, second on top
Theron had just bought a rice cooker and decided to make Jasmine rice to go with it, so I wound up cooking my stew for a couple hours in a pressure cooker while waiting for him to clean the new rice cooker and prep the rice.
I used the same (from what I remember!) recipe to make the following stew, but the two stews were completely different, predominately, I think, due to cook-time.

Theron liked the prior stew more, I think because it had  a more homogeneous, sweet flavor.
I preferred the second one for the exact opposite reasons: each distinct flavor seemed highlighted more.

Either way, it's a great stew, and good both ways - so cook it for one to two hours, and see which you prefer! - Remember, this timing is based on using a pressure cooker.

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Here's another gorgeous photo of our delicious, colorful stew:

 Photo essay, recipe, and transcript after the jump.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cooking With Us - e44 - Thai Style Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hey gang,
Sorry it's been a while since my last update.  Life has once again gotten in the way!
In fact I have shot about five and edited one show that I decided I didn't like enough to use.

Thankfully, Nee, as usual, pulled me out of my rut and not only gave me a delicious snack and fun video to share with you guys, she also invaded our house with a bevy of college gals from Thailand who were here doing a work program.  My house was full of foreign chatter and lots of giggles. For a while, everything sounded like a really fun anime!

So, today I share with you hard-boiled eggs served with Thai sauce. So darn good.
And you may not believe me, but I am seriously the furthest thing from an egg fan!
However, these eggs were so good that Theron and I made them again last night!

The ones we served when the group was over are pictured on the top right!
Theron, of course, decided to take out half the yolk and put the sauce inside. He's clever, that one.
So the bottom-pictured egg was what we ate as part of our dinner last night :)

Here is the video! Subscribe, share, and above all: enjoy!

Photos and recipe after the jump:)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cooking with Us - e43 - Two Grilled Cheese Paninis

Corned beef and cabbage
This time we have a treat for you!  Well, two treats, but one - in my humble opinion - just turned out way better than the other.  (Though I think I might try the first again.)

What did we make? 
First, we tackled a corned beef and cabbage grilled cheese sandwich using Irish cheddar that we 'panini'd' on the bbq pit.

Roasted carrots with havarti

Second, we successfully made a surprisingly delicious roasted carrot, pickle, and jalapeno grilled cheese with havarti.  This one was better also because after we 'panini'd' it on the pit, we popped it into the toaster to crunch-ify the bread.  I couldn't get over how good this was. And I think, when you try it, you'll have to agree!

I hope you guys try these, b/c while they were slightly time-consuming, 
they were also really fun to make, and uber-delectable.

The video is longer than usual as it contains Go-Pro, drone shots, and a little slow-mo.
Also, lots of rad music I hope you enjoy!
(Hi-res, full screen, and subscribe - you can subscribe by email on the right.)

See how much fun we were having?
Stick around for awesome pix:
ie: Drone shots and Brigly ;)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cooking With Us - e42 - Club Sandwich & Tamagoyaki

Last week we attempted remaking a club sandwich
similar to a fantastic one we had at Komptoir in Paris.

Ours weren't nearly the same,
but after tasting Theron's - I can say that his *was* fantastic!
I can also admit I have no idea how to make sandwiches!
(Which... you know... has actually been evidenced in prior blogs;)

Here is a delicious club sandwich with Tamagoyaki..
Also, here is an awesome recipe for tamagoyaki! ;D

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On the bottom left is what the one in Paris looked like ;D