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Cooking With Us - e42 - Club Sandwich & Tamagoyaki

Last week we attempted remaking a club sandwich
similar to a fantastic one we had at Komptoir in Paris.

Ours weren't nearly the same,
but after tasting Theron's - I can say that his *was* fantastic!
I can also admit I have no idea how to make sandwiches!
(Which... you know... has actually been evidenced in prior blogs;)

Here is a delicious club sandwich with Tamagoyaki..
Also, here is an awesome recipe for tamagoyaki! ;D

Please watch this guy full screen, high res, and as usual: Subscribe!

On the bottom left is what the one in Paris looked like ;D

Once again, here is my fantastic cover photo.
Paris club sammy is on the left, Theron's is in the middle, and my monstrosity is on the right ^^
Theron also subbed tamagoyaki for hard boiled eggs,
which are hanging out by the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the pic ;)

As always, welcome to our home!
Also: Yes my husband is cray-cray!

I had printed a picture to go by... sorta...
So of course Theron held it in front of my face!
I said, "I can also insert a photo!"
As you can see, those Parisians know what they're doing!

I coated two chicken breasts in spicy brown mustard.
Unfortunately I also put turmeric on it...
But I left that out of the video as I scraped it all off anyway ;)

 Club sandwiches usually have hard boiled eggs.
But Theron decided he wasn't going to do that ;)

Instead, he decided to use Tamagoyaki!!!
 So here comes our recipe for that delicious eggy treat!

First, bow to your partner.
Er I mean -
First, bow in respect of Tamago ;)

For this part, Theron decided to show the ingredients as if we were doing an Asian cooking show.
Just watch the video, you'll understand;)
We used four eggs.

We  used a small amount of dashi, which is basically fish bouillon. 
I think you could use any bouillon you wanted, but either way just don't use too much!

He was moving fast.
Cool looking though, right? :D

You'll also need a little soy sauce.

And we used quite a bit of mirin!


Stir with chopsticks, because you know... you're being authentico ;)

Just look at those gorgeous eggs!

All stirred up!

In goes tons of mirin!

Oh, the intensity!!

A couple dashes of soy sauce will suffice!

And a few flakes of dashi.

If you look carefully you can sorta see Theron in Brigly's eye.
He was making eggs after all.
Eye on the prize ;D

Then you slowly added your egg mixture to a hot skillet in stages.
And pop all the bubbles!

Flip it over and over into a rolled up egg-layered-thing.
Also, when adding more egg mix, make sure it gets under what you've just cooked
so it will roll up together

This is the best tamagoyaki we've made yet!

Theron agreed it was very good.
Now, back to the club sandwich :)

Coat one side of both pieces of bread with butter,
and put it in your toaster to get them good and crunchy!

Theron made a sauce with mayo, horse radish mustard, and chipotle cheese dressing.

We assembled our sandwiches with chicken, parmesan cheese (which was a bit too strong),
lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, tomago, and our sauces.
(Theron's aforementioned sauce and some caesar dressing for me;)

Reaching around each other to grab ingredients, no big deal ;)

As you can see, my sandwich was a monster, and a mess!

Theron's was, of course, perfect.

"It's just a mess!"

Notice how his didn't fall apart ;)

He said he would add bacon and use different cheese,
but with those modifications, he suggests you make it ;)
I said, at least the tamago was amazing!

We said bye!

But then Theron let me try his sandwich!

Man that was really good!
I would have said "Make It" if that's what mine had tasted like!

This was how mine wound up after a couple bites ;)
(But I ate it all anyway!)

And this was Theron's. ^^
But just ask my mom, I was not a sandwich eater growing up,
so I was at a clear disadvantage here!

But aren't my PJ's cute?
Thanks, Target!

And here is a larger photo of the most amazing sandwich ever, in Paris, at Komptoir.
 Seriously, you should go to there.
All their food is phenom, and the atmosphere is the bomb! ^^

At Komptoir!
"Yes... to Eating like an American!"

Eating like an American in Paris this past spring ;D
What a great trip!

Thanks for checking out the blog :D

à bientôt!!


- 2 chicken breasts, covered in spicy brown mustard, baked at 400 for about half an hour.

You can basically put anything on a club sandwich.   We used:

- avocado
- tomatoes
- lettuce
- parmesan
and different sauces.

Theron's sauce was a combo of mayo, horse radish mustard, and Brianna's chipotle cheddar dressing.
(Go Texan!)

I used Brianna's Caesar dressing too :P

We would have liked bacon... next time!

Also, parmesan is not recommended as it is too strong. Woops!

We also put tamago on ours:

Tamago recipe:

- 4 eggs, beaten well
- quite a bit of mirin (it's sweet)
- a little soy sauce (a lil goes a long way!)
- a pinch of dashi

Mix it all up, then add it to a warm skillet, rolling it over when it's cooked about half way.
Add more egg mix as you go, making sure to get it underneath the first layer, roll it up, and continue.
Best served cold!

Any hoodle, that's about that ^^

Hi... Welcome to another episode of KumoCafe's Cooking with Us.

Today we're going to try our take on a recipe for a club sandwich that we had in Paris that was awesome.

Yeah, that's what it looked like.

I can also insert a photo...

I'm gonna put spicy brown mustard on our chicken...

We're gonna bake this at 400 for... half an hour?

So since club sandwiches have, usually, hard boiled eggs in them...

Theron's decided he's not gonna do that...

Oh, what're you makin' babe?


For tamagoyaki, you will need:



Soy sauce.

And... mirin.


Your stirring utensils...


That's prolly enough.
The intensity!  The intensity!

Just a little bit of soy sauce.

Like that much?

He's like, "I'm watching dad make eggs, Hello. Dad's making eggs."

Theron's an egg-making expert!

Pop the bubbles!

Oooh, yum!

This is like, the best tamago yet.

It's very good.

What are we doing now?

Melting some butter.

Mayonnaise, horse radish, chipotle cheddar dressing.

So you're actually using the other dressing... in your dressing?

It's good, it's interesting.

I'll take a little bit.  Cause I'm still gonna use a little bit of the Caesar.

Being very quiet.
No, we are!


Did you get your avocado that you wanted?

Watch your shadow.

As I usually say, I'm hungry.

As you always say.

See, I, I always - well yours is a monster one.

Mine's huge... And falling apart.

I always put the ingredients on one side.
I know, it's smarter.


Is it a mess?

You try yours,  because I'm sure that mine is just a big mess.

Look, it doesn't fall apart.

It's not as good as the one in Paris.

I would use a different cheese.

Yeah, sorry about that, that was my bad.

And, I would put bacon on it.

So you say, with those modifications make it?


I say we should try again.

The tamago's awesome though.

Thanks for joining us on this episode of Cooking with Us.

Do you want a bite of mine?

Your sandwich?



Oh I so would've said make it if that's what mine tasted like!

Make it!

If I'm making it for you, make it?

That was really good.

I don't know what I was doing, obviously!

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