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Cooking With Us - e41 - Baked Peaches

Hi gang!
I know we didn't have a 4th of July update this year, 
but what's more American than baked peaches?
(Oh, Apple Pie? Well...)

Anyways ;) 
The other day, we made some pretty great baked peaches with our friend Leigh.
Grab a few, some marscapone, heavy cream, almonds, and honey - and get to baking!

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I'm getting way ahead of myself with this photo, but it's one of my faves from the day!

Read on for the photo recipe, plain ol' recipe, and transcript!

As usual, I'm showing off my youtube cover photo again!
Can you tell I was a fan of that pic on the left?
On the right is the finished product! ^^ 

Welcome to our show (or blog) - as my husband bounds crazily into frame!

Also, say Hi to Leigh as she came in from Minneapolis for the long weekend!

We videotaped her using our Yuneec Q500 drone earlier in the day,
so my husband insisted I do a picture in picture ;D

Start by halving your peaches.
This is not as easy as it sounds!

Leigh and I cut them, and Theron more or less pulled them apart.

The same went for pitting them.
No fun.
Theron got it done though!

"Strength! Brute force!"

Now, making sure you have butter and not cream cheese...
 (Doh! What I'd accidentally bought)
Lay a pat on each half-peach.

Drizzle on 'a little honey.'
Or, in my case, a lot of honey!!
Because, Honey.

Now bake them for approximately 20 minutes
(though ours took a bit longer) at 350 degrees.

Now, it's time to make your sauce!

We started with 226 grams of marscapone... (i.e. the whole tub of it.)
(How do you pronounce marscapone?!)

Then we added half a small carton of heavy cream.

And two teaspoons of vanilla (though I only showed one in the video, as the recipe only called for one.)

The secret second teaspoon!
(Also, testing Leigh's theory that a cap is about a teaspoon. Pretty close!)

Isn't she cute?
She did a great job of mixing our sauce.

You're golden if you get a frosting-like consistency.

Thumbs up to friends doing the work! ;)

Then we had to say goodbye for the evening.
Yay for friends who give great hugs, though!

The last thing to do while your peaches bake is to saute these sliced almonds in a dry pan.

My husband flips them with finesse.

Then we poured them out to let them cool.

Gorgeous bubbling peaches!
I loved this!

Empty each peach half of the liquid inside it.

Top with your marscapone sauce.

Sprinkle on some almonds...

And drizzle with the remnants of your honey-butter sauce in the baking dish.

Sweet... but these would be better if they were served cold...

So let us magically away to another day...

...A day where Leigh is back, and our peaches are cold!

I put dollops of the marscapone mixture on peach halves for Theron and I,
as Leigh's I made ahead of time.
(Don't worry, she too ended up with fresh, creamy sauce on hers after not too long.)

"It's Cold... but I like the peachy creaminess.. and the almonds."

Theron and I both found it 100 times better cold too.

Leigh says make it.
One must obey the Leigh-mander!

Leigh: Make it!
Theron: Make it!
Me: They say make it, so make it!

We are a silly bunch.

Saying Ciao for now ;)

But not before a Brigly pic...

And Theron admiring his drone prowess ;)

So, if you guys are looking for a super simple dessert that most people are bound to enjoy, 
this one is for you!

Happy munching!

Recipe:- 3 peaches, halved and pitted
- 1 stick of butter (enough for each peach to get a slab)
- Honey (we used local, and lots)

Bake peaches at 350 for ~ 20 minutes, or until the sauce is bubbling and they are starting to brown.

- 226 grams marscapone
- 1/2 small container of heavy whipping cream
- 2 (or 1 if you prefer) tsp vanilla

Mix well, save in fridge

- 1 small bag sliced almonds, toasted in a dry pan.

Empty your peaches and put them in the fridge.
Reserve the honey-butter liquid they cooked in.

Serve cold, topped with the marscapone mixture, sauteed almonds, and some of the honey butter sauce.

Transcript:Hi, welcome to KumoCafe's Cooking with Us!

On this episode, our friend Leigh is here - all the way from Minneapolis.

Earlier we were filming her um, with our drone, on her bike, so we'll see if... that works out good.

And now-
picture in picture!

We're gonna make ...uh... some peaches.
We're gonna bake them.

Let's first half our peaches and pit them.

Strength! Brute force!

This is butter... regular butter, right?
No, it's cream cheese.

You bought cream cheese?


Actual butter!

Now we need a slab of butter for each peach.

And a little bit of honey.

Now our peaches are going into our 350 degree oven for twenty minutes, and we'll keep an eye on them.

We are going to add 226 grams of Marscapone... or Marscapone, however you pronounce it...
And make our mix, our sauce right now.

We're gonna use about half this size of cream.

It's actually not too far off from cream cheese, just not so sweet.

Vanilla extract.

One teaspoon, so this much.

I usually just go like this, actually...

I feel like that's a teaspoon.

Alright, mix it up!

Well, Leigh's mixed up our ...sauce for us.

And Leigh's actually leaving us now...

We'll see you later, and we'll videotape your reaction when you get to eat one.

I can't wait!

Ok! See ya later!


So now the only thing we have left to do, is roast some almond slices in a dry pan.

This is one for Leigh.

I dip - I dumped all the juice out, and I put that in there...

Spoon on some marscapone...

Put on some of the almonds...

Some on some of the s-
Honey butter.

Honey butter sauce.

Alright, we're trying our peaches.

It's a... sweet peach!


I think the peaches should be cold.

Yeah. Obviously it should be cold, I agree, 'cause the marscapone just melted super fast.

It's good.
I mean, taste like a peach with some nuts.

...and honey.

So we're gonna wrap up our cooking with us 'cause Leigh's back - it's a couple days later, and...

We've had the peaches in the refrigerator...

I'm gonna put a little bit of the marscapone on ours.

So it's definitely cold. But I really like the peachy, creamy-ness...

I guess the almonds come out in a -
The almonds do seem... like it does seem more interesting this way.

I kinda like it better cold.
Me too.

Well I guess I will eat it all, cause it's good.

It's better right?  So much better cold.

You're like, I just like that it's creamy!

I would suggest people make it!
I'd make it.


It's a cheap dessert.

Mhm... and... I love peaches.

You should make it.
Make it.
You - make it!

I say try it, but since they say make it, go ahead and make it.
We win, make it!

Ok, thanks for joining us on this episode of KumoCafe's Cooking with Us, and we'll see you next time!

Happy belated fourth of July!

I'm spanning the water as I do that.

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  1. i forgot to mention i like the musical touches in this video and the spring roll one

    Leigh is so cute. I like the drone footage and really like the filming of the phone playing video at the end for some reason.:)