Monday, June 16, 2014

Cooking With Us - E19 - Fried Shrimp Rolls

Awesome fried garlic-shrimp rolls!
What's that?
Our friend Saowanee's back in town?

Well, you just have to know that means another amazing episode of Cooking With Us!

(Or two in this case, as I split them up again!)

The appetizer we're sharing today is super simple to make and equally delicious.  It's like it was made for parties!

If that above photo of the finished product in a pile doesn't do it for you, maybe the following will.

Dishes from Pier 1 a few years ago, finally put to use!!
Gorgeous, am I right?
Nee put the shrimp rolls in bowls on top of chili garlic sauce because we love spicy food, 
but they can also be served just as deliciously with sweet and sour sauce, etc.

Here comes the video - How to make Fried Shrimp Rolls!
As usual, watch full-res and full-screen. 
Comment, share, and get cooking!

As always, a photo post, recipe, and transcript follow!

And as always, it never hurts to have some friends around to show you a new recipe!
Or to just carry you around your kitchen ;)

 First, I'd like to introduce you to Tutor, or Pathit, if you're not on nickname basis with him yet!
Here we are saying, "Hello!"
Or Sawatdee Ka!
(Khap if you're a boy)

Tutor hails from Thailand, and is currently studying in Michigan.

Oh, and what does he love studying? Film of course!
Here we are being our own clappers!

I just don't see myself investing in one of these anytime soon,
but if you didn't know what I was talking about, now you get the idea ;D

Then, because you have a rad Thai co-host, have him say "Welcome To..." in Thai!!

And always, ALWAYS, be this excited to be filming Cooking With Us!
And also this excited to be watching it... I know you are, aren't you?  :)

First, Nee peels fresh, uncooked shrimp for our rolls!

While Tutor shows us that we're going to need the proper 'paper' for the job!

Cut them in half diagonally...
And never-mind me being creepy in the background...

Also, get out an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white,
as you will be using the yolk to keep your shrimp rolls closed once you wrap them!

Yes, Nee is an expert.

She threw in a couple heads of garlic and used two bowls to shake the cloves apart.

Pretty rad huh?
Peel the cloves and get ready to make the sauce!

In first, of course, go a lot of garlic cloves.  I'd guess 15 - 20.

Next up, dump in lots and lots of whole black peppercorns.
(Don't worry, your Ninja will make quick business of them!)

 You'll  need to add some Oyster sauce as well.

 And, as usual, you're going to add olive oil.
This seems to be a secret ingredient in much of Nee's amazing cooking!

Now, let the Ninja do it's job!!
(As your husband and Brigly look on)

Ninja, how we love you.

If you missed the ingredients
 (because your house is chaotic and a lot is happening at once!)
 here they are again.
Please notice some shrimp have been added and are being coated with said sauce.

Here follows the origami-like method of rolling the shrimp rolls.
(Also known as - I suck at this sort of thing but you may not!:)

First - face the shrimp toward the small angle nearest you.

Nee and Megan roll some shrimp!

Nee was making these a mile a minute!
Because Megan is awesome, she stepped in and asked to be taught how to roll them.

Then, you know, roll it like so - please pay attention to the angles of the wrapper.

Roll again...

And again...

There is seriously a method here that is beyond me.

Because you have to roll it just so as to leave you with some wrapper at the top to fold over.
 Just look at Nee's on the left.

Now that you've expertly rolled your shrimp in 'spring roll shells,'
dab the top with egg yolk to hold it together, and fold it down.


If this face looks happy, it's because it has every right to be!
Yay!  Go Megan and making her first shrimp roll!

You're gonna be rollin' for a while, but since there are enough of us, we heated up vegetable oil in a pan and got to pan frying the plethora of shrimp rolls already prepped for us!

 As you would imagine, you flip them once and take them out when they are golden brown.

Then, even though your friend suggests serving them with sweet and sour sauce,
she will serve them with spicy garlic sauce because she knows you love it.

Isn't this adorable plating?

Keep your little dish near you because you know you'll be eating at least 10 of these bad boys!

Nee is so happy and proud!
She did an amazing job and I just love this picture so much!

 Should we eat them?

Ok!  Enjoy!
(While Nee wraps away!)

And if you have a recently-turned-10-year-old around, 
be prepared to have her spontaneously decide to play patty cake with your arm.

Now, get back to rolling more, because you've got about 50 to make!

Did I mention enjoy?
Do I always look like I'm in pain when I'm eating? ^^

On the left you can kind of see inside the roll.
It was truly remarkable to get down to a bite of the amazingly tasty 
garlic-black-peppercorn-etc sauced shrimp!

Always be thankful for awesome friends, new friends, new awesome friends, etc,
and try to say "Thank you!" in Thai.


Part two coming later this week: Lard Na, Rad Na, or home-cooking deliciousness!

Till then - Enjoy!


- 30+ shrimp, uncooked (peeled)
- 2 + heads of  garlic (cloves peeled)
- oyster sauce
- black peppercorn
- olive oil

Throw the garlic cloves, black peppercorns, oyster sauce, and olive oil into your Ninja and blend it till it's a sauce!

Mix in your shrimp into the sauce and coat well.

- Spring roll wrappers
- 1 egg, yolk separated

Now wrap each sauce-coated shrimp expertly in your spring roll wrappers, using the broken egg yolk to keep them closed.

- vegetable oil.

Finally, fry all your shrimp rolls in vegetable oil till they are golden brown.
Serve with sweet and sour sauce, spicy garlic sauce, or really any sauce you want.
(Or no sauce, for that matter!)



Hi, to ensure that you get the full experience of this podcast, I'm cutting it in half.

So, Part One is on excellent fried shrimp rolls.

And Part Two will be on Lard Na, or Rad Na, or...

This awesome stew type dish that comes from Thailand via Laos.

So, look forward to that, 'cause that's coming up later on this week.


Cooking with us!
Cooking with us - Yay!!

And today we're gonna make some spring rolls...

People of Youtube, right now we're gonna cut this one into half.

I'm peeling a shrimp. Shelling shrimp.
Looks good.

Val -

Yes, a knife.


But be very careful because they are sharp.

Wait, let's try that one... That's not so sharp, is it sharp?

Like, in a half?

Yeah in half.

You have vampires in your home.

We have to peel the garlic for the vampire.

I like that method.

This is an expert.

Look at this, this is a very, very cool method.

Wait, there will be a second round. Oh, Ok.

This is a a a black pepper.

Oyster Sauce.
Oyster sauce?

It is oyster sauce.

This bowl might not be as smooth as the last bowl.

What is this Nee?

Uh for the...
Shrimp fried thing.

So, since I missed it, what, what sauce is... in there?

Garlic, garlic
The oyster sauce
black pepper
oyster sauce
and olive oil.

Oh ok.

Have you have one egg?
Yup.  One egg?

Oh I wanna stir I wanna stir.

Uh, Can you put an oil into pan fry this one?

Olive oil?

You go like this.

Olive oil or Pam?

So what are these called?

I mean, it's Nee.

Shrimp roll.

Shrimp roll.

What kind of vegetable...
Olive or vegetable?

That's not for me... That sauce.
You don't like it?
Too spicy?
No too.. just too... I dunno.

We're using the egg yolk to close them?

So it's just the simple shrimp with the sauce, and then we close them with the egg yolk.

No, it's good.

So... show me what to do - I didn't even see you roll it.

First you make it left to the this
Yep, Ok.

More over?

Ok, yeah.

Folding... and one. Yeah.


Like this? Mhm

Oh shoot.

Mhm Yep

Over, yep, uhuh!

Now you really do it.

Did I do it right?

And then over top?


With egg?


Good job Megan!

I did it!

It's your first you have to go...

First one!!!
First one

Everyone be careful, deep frying is about to commence.

Oh yay yay yay yay! Burn Burn!

Just, just just one... Just one.
Be careful!!  Be careful!

I think that one's done.

I think most of them is done.

Is that ok?

The last one.
One more.
Get another lot of it.

You should just do an unedited episode.
Just put three hours of video up straight.


What's in the bottom?

Oh, that one.
Oh yummy yummy!

You're shrimp rolls!!

oooh Look at that!
So good!

Should we eat them?

Let's eat them.

Eating sounds good to me.

Theron's starving.

These are going to be really, really hot.

Rosie's gonna go first 'cause she goes first and it's funny when it's hot.

Yeah you go first.

It's very good people.  I like it.

Is it hot?
It's so hot.

It's so good!

No, I'm eating!!

Crunchy ice,

Sip it once,

This is what happens...

Sip it twice,

Lemonade, crunchy ice,
Sip it once, sip it twice,

Turn around, touch the ground,

And freeze!

And stay frozen! Woo!

What do you think? Good?

It's so good!

Mmm, yummy.



See what you did?

See what you did?

No!  You didn't play lemonade with me!

It's super good.

It's really good.

Yeah there's a lot.

Prolly like 30 of them.

There's gonna be a lot.




Do - whistle that thing from um, the Hunger Games...

How do you even whistle?

And this is dinner.

Yeah, no it's not dinner yet.

Yeah, not dinner yet.

I don't think it has to be exactly perfect but...

That's a lot of wonton.

It's gotta be like a ...

It looks like a note in school...

It is.

We've been passing wonton notes.

Oh more to go, ok!

So many more.

It's yummy.

I know, right?

It's like, once you get like once you get the shrimp with the garlic and everything -


It's like really impressive.

Appetizer done now.

Appetizer's done!

Whatcha doing, Kitty?

It's that good right?


How do you say Thank You in Thai?

What happened to my arm?

Wait - what's going on over there??

Ok, no, Vampires Away!!


Vampires away!

Vampire away, get out of the frame, please!

My sister said that was her favorite one ever.

I know, I was like 'Oh nooo now I have so much to live up to!'

I know, it's loud.


  1. Good job!! You definitely called it on the chaos factor. Those look yummy, though. At 1:06, were they breaking up the garlic? I wasn't sure what was happening there.
    I LOVE the initial plating! How cute.

    1. Yes she is breaking up the garlic at 1:06. I actually discussed it in more depth on the blog than in the video.
      Glad you enjoyed it - and the chaos hahah :D