Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Theron's Birthday Breakfast Burger

No, this is not a burger.
Hi folks!

Around here (here being wherever my hubby and I happen to be) we don't just celebrate a birthday, we usually celebrate a birthday 'week' - or at the very least - weekend, so that's a lot of what's been going on lately. (IE also part of the reason I was absent last week - sorry!)

I was super inspired by a pin I found on pinterest and decided I would make Theron a pretty intense 'breakfast burger' for him the day after his birthday, as his bday was on a Thursday, and he took the following Friday off from work.

This is the burger!
On his birthday we made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (pictured above). Yes I said 'we', as he insisted I wait for him to get home from work so he could help make them!

He's kind of crazy, but always in a cute way.

But back to the (belated) birthday breakfast burger... (phew!)
Well, it wound up being more like a 'brunch' burger because it took awhile to make!  In fact, I ended up having to drag him out of bed to assist me, so be warned :)

Did I mention that the Friday we made this was Friday the 13th?
Oooh, Creepy!

I'm a regular Martha Stewart!  Or just... also crazy.
Anyway, on to the burger! And my mom asks that I forewarn you: This is not a health recipe!
For special occasions only :D

I started out by baking half a pound of bacon for quite a while. Turn as needed.
You know where this is going? Deliciousness! You know what spells out breakfast? Bacon!!
 Well, not literally.

My parents had gotten Theron a new food processor for his birthday,
so for his part, he used it to grate all the cheese in the house!

Yep, that'll just be enough.

Then I took the 90 % lean Angus beef I got from the deli and mixed it with salt and pepper.
 I kiiinda regret not adding syrup or molasses to this, because it would have added to the breakfast flavor and been downright awesome. - Just a suggestion for you guys trying this at home. 

Into the oily pan they go.

I browned them on each side for about five minutes, then transferred them
to a metal pan and baked them on a low setting in the oven for the rest of the time we were cooking.

Snug as ...lots of beef in a small toaster oven.

We had taken the bacon out to let it cool - because bacon is best when crunchy, right?

In the meantime, I was roasting a couple poblanos that I would later turn into poblanos rajas...
Which means I'd cut them into strips :)

Getting good at roasting them eh?

Theron was back at it using his new toy to chop up some onions for me.

Because he requested I make a mushroom-onion sauce as well.  
Ok, no problemo. I stirred these till the mushrooms started to brown.

I admittedly added too much red wine b/c I was busy trying to get a picture of it pouring.
Lame, I know. So maybe just measure and have someone else photo for you! ^-^

Then I added A1.  I would have used worchester sauce too but it's not a staple in my house, 
so I didn't have any on hand. 

I added in some seeded mustard... which in fact doesn't look too nice when it's coming out.

Then in went some cream, parmesan cheese, and a handful of chives.

And we let it cook down a bit. Voila!

I moved the burgers to the main oven and toasted English muffins 
in our toaster - the window of which does not at all need to be cleaned!

While Theron fed Brigly some bacon.

And I cooked up an egg to top the burger with.

In New York they call burgers with eggs on them 'Texas Style' Burgers. 
Us Texans are like, "What??  Why??  We've never heard of such a thing!"
My friend Peter offers, "Maybe because it looks like a lone star?"
"You are wise, my friend."

Then it's time to put the burger together.
First: the mushroom sauce goes on 1 side of an English Muffin, then top that with the burger...

Side note: We added cheese to the burgers a minute or so before taking them out of the oven.

Then I layered onions, some chives, and cut up poblano on top...

Upon which, a majestic egg was placed.

Finally, add your bacon.


Oh no - yolk overflow!

One of my fave pix of all time!
Then hand it over to your horrified-looking husband. 

And Enjoy!

He did an excellent job of smooshing it down and not losing a single thing.

He also said it was an excellent (belated) birthday brunch burger - and I have to agree :)
(I did make 5 of them, after all!)

This is us that morning...ish while cooking.
And feeling loved, and successful too!

Theron's Birthday Breakfast Burger

- 1/2 lb bacon (baked for approx 20 minutes)
- 1 lb lean angus beef (mix with salt and pepper... and syrup or molasses if you're daring!)
Cook the burgers in a pan on either side for approx 5 mins, then bake them in the oven on a moderate heat setting till they are done.

Toast English muffins
Roast, peel, and slice poblanos

Mushroom sauce:
(meant to be cooked in the pan you seared your burgers in with all the burgery goodness still there)
- 1 half white onion
- 1 small pack of mushrooms (browned)
- red wine (not as much as I used!)
- some A1
- a smidgen of seeded mustard
- a fair amount of cream
- sprinkle of parmesan 
- handful of chives

Cook an egg!

Top 1 half an English muffin with:
mushroom sauce
more white onions
chives (green onions)
an egg
Other half of the English muffin

And you're good to go!

I hope you try these out and enjoy them!

Have a great day!


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