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Cooking with Us: E1: Chicken-Stuffed Poblanos


And welcome to the first video podcast for this site - Cooking with Us!

We were really excited to finally do our first podcast, and made one of our staple dishes - Poblano peppers stuffed with chicken, cooked with chipotles in adobo!

I definitely suggest changing the settings on the video to high resolution.

I'll put the recipe & transcript from the video itself below :)

Hope y'all enjoy!


You'll need (for Two People):

1. a couple chicken breasts or 5 or 6 chicken tenders (thawed and diced)
2. 2 poblanos
3. a large can of chipotles in adobo (we used 'Embasa')
4. grated cheese

First, thaw the chicken and cut it into chunks.
Meanwhile, roast the chipotles over an open flame till their skin is black/charred all over.
Take the poblanos and place each one into a separate plastic (ziploc) bag and let sit.
Cook the chicken in a small amount of oil/PAM/etc then add the chipotles, cook longer, and set to 'low'.
Now take your poblanos and scrape off all the charred skin. You will wind up with a soft, delicate pepper.
Preheat an oven to 350 degrees.
Make a slit along the poblano and pull it open. Stuff it with your chicken & chipotle mixture. (de-seed first if desired)
Top with as much cheese as desired.
Place in a oven-safe dish, and bake for 10-15 minutes.
Serve with your choice of yummy sides.

Of course I serve this with refried beans, home-made pico de gallo and guacamole as well.  I might be inclined to do a short splice together of my recipes for those, as I made them while filming the following podcast.


Welcome to the first episode of 'Cooking with Us.'
Us is not me and Brigly who my husband just put on the counter...
But me and my husband who is off camera right now but you'll meet him later, because
what he chose for us to make tonight is chicken-stuffed poblano peppers.
And that... um, it's not a hard thing to make, but it requires a lot of stuff that I find unfun.
Like... you have to heat the peppers over an open fire, and then put them in plastic bags and peel the skin; that's his job.
Basically this is a very spicy dish.  You can make it a lot spicier by adding chipotles to it...  which obviously we're gonna add chipotle sauce.
OK! So what do you need to prepare this dish?

[1. Chicken]
So you first need... a drink of wine.
However much chicken you want, we're using chicken tenders.  They're going to thaw out, and to help that along we're going to use the microwave.

[2. Poblanos]
Poblanos!! Basically you just get a burner going, we're gonna use our power burner.
And this is basically what you do, you just put them on there, they're gonna char up. And you want to get it as black all over as possible, cause that's gonna make the skin come off a lot easier.
After that you put them in their own separate plastic bags, but we'll get to that later.

So since we're making stuffed poblanos and the chicken's still cooking, I'll get out the chipotle peppers that we're gonna use as a sauce.

[3. Chipotles in Adobo Sauce]
("So sometimes we use just one sometimes we use two so... Use the big one just to be safe?"
"We're makin' two poblanos, we probably use one can, right?"....
"Im gonna use two.")

Embasa Chipotle Peppers! They're very good! And they are spicy, so if don't like spice or you can only handle a little bit of spice, you can cook 'em without the chipotle peppers, because the chipotle peppers are actually in an adobo sauce... or you can remove them later. Either way that'll help you out.  You can also add cheese to the recipe while it's cooking, that'll help you too.
We like spice, so we're gonna cook the whole peppers and we'll stuff some of our poblanos with the chipotles as well as the chicken.
But! One time, my husband used our... Da-da-da-daaa!  Ninja! And blended the chipotles and the sauce together so you couldn't really pick it out... it was the hottest thing in the world.

("It was so hot... It was so hot it destroyed my insides" [Yes our friend spoke about it at our wedding])

What kinda beans do you want, refried or whole?  Just make refried beans 'cause they're good and they're easy and they come from a can.

("It's your podcast..."  "It's our podcast")

See how charred that is?  And why do we put them in the bags?  We put them in the bags to steam them for a while and it supposedly helps the skin fall off easier, according to my sister.

And we're gonna slice these into chunks. Our friend is staying the night with us again and so we'll have extra food for her if she's hungry.

("And hi!" "Oh Hi! Oh wow!")

If you want you can use 'EVOO.'
If anybody out there has another good recipe using chipotles in adobo, cause this is typically all we ever make with it and I love it so, it would be cool to use it for something else.

Nom nom nom nom nom.  This is gonna cook now for however long we need it to cause it's gonna be fine cooking on low.

I'm taking the peppers out, and they're all charred and ready.  If you do it well you can just kind of rub the skin off... Otherwise you can use a knife to kind of scrape some off.

("Pretty good...")
("Good boy." "That's a good boy.")

You cut open the poblano, like so.  And if you want to you can totally de-seed it, but we just don't cause the seeds are not that s-   They're really not spicy.

The chicken's in chipotle - that cooked so well together. That's awesome.

("Yeah it was a good amount."
"Puppy, do you want a chipotle pepper in yours?"
"I'll do yours... Is that good?"
"I'm sure that's plenty, yeah.")

So these are done, we don't need to close them, because they're gonna cook how they are.  Chicken's already cooked, poblanos are already cooked, so... there's not a lot of baking to do.
10 minutes, 15 minutes...
[At 350 degrees]

("And now we need some plates")

If you know anything about food and color synchronicity, eating off red plates makes you feel like you're hungrier...


And blue and green plates makes you feel less hungry and less appetized...

("You realize you bought no-salt chips?"

We know that the pico's good... We know the guacamole is good...
[I made this earlier]

Mmm... It's good.

So there's our recipe, we'll write it up for you on the blog.

Do we have like a ...signing out?

Do you mean a catch phrase?

Cooking at home with us, podcast one.

Noooo he - it's clean! You just cleaned the counter....

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