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Cooking With Us: e29: Beet and Chickpea Salad

Hola gang!

Welcome to another episode of Cooking With Us!

This time we decided to make something super healthy using beets - which is typically thought of as a summer vegetable, but is pretty grow-able all year round, especially in more northern climes!

So I made a "salad" of sorts using beets, chickpeas, and a variety of other goodies!
What you get is something healthy, flavorful and delicious served warm or cold!

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As always, the photo essay, recipe, and transcript are after the jump!

Yes I dyed my hair, and I wanted to point out my awesome gloves!
I got them from one of my fave stores, which you should definitely check out!

Clearly, beets are hugely important in this recipe, so I had call out my mom!
She is a passionate hater of beets - and boy is she missing out!
(Try the stuff you don't like every now and again, right mom?)


First, rinse the heads of your beets.
This time I used three beets, but the first time I made this I used two. 
It's really up to you!

Line your baking tray with tin foil, and get out your rosemary!
Sprinkle on a sprig or more of rosemary.
 (Again, this is to your taste. My taste happens to adore rosemary!)

Now add several cloves of garlic.
We love all these ingredients, and you probably already know I go overboard with garlic!

This time around, I added parsnips - which turned out to be a great call!
They lent the dish a sweetness that you don't always get from beets.

After you've placed everything on your tray, drizzle on some olive oil.

Also, add salt and pepper.

Finally, pour on some water.

And close your foil, leaving it a little bit tented.

Now put it in your 425 preheated oven for about an hour.
Check the beets after 40 minutes or so and take them out when they are semi-soft 
(aka a fork can easily puncture them).

While you're waiting, it's time to cook your chickpeas!
This time around I used two cans of low-sodium chickpeas and half a chicken bouillon cube.

Brigly, mid-lope
Take a moment to play with your dog.

While your beets et al cook, chop up a medium sized red onion...

And a fair amount of dill pickles! 
(What?! I know right?)

When your stuff is done roasting, mince your garlic, and peel your beets.

Chop your beets and parsnips as well.

Now it's time to make it a salad!
I used spinach and arugula.
I adore arugula and think it'd be hard to use too much!

Now just layer in your ingredients. 
Obviously the beets are the star of the show...

But the ensemble cast is what makes the show shine!

To this I also added half an avocado per bowl, and some Parmesan cheese as well!

Stir well, and enjoy!

Theron approved!

That made me happy!

It may sound somewhat time consuming, but it's worth it!
And the leftovers are fantastic!

Don't forget to play with your dog some more.
This is Brigly's happy run.

Brigly's happy run makes me happy ;D

One more shot of our finished salad to encourage you to make this, and enjoy!

-Teh Vallers!

-Preheat oven to 425
- rinse 2-3 beet heads
- grate skin off of 2 parsnips
- place these on a foil-lined baking tray with lots of rosemary and garlic
- drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and pour in a bit of water
- close foil, leaving it a bit tented
- bake at 425 for ~1 hour or until beets are soft.

- cook 1-2 cans of chick peas (low sodium if desired) (add chicken of vegetable bouillon if desired, 1/2 cube is enough for 2 cans)

- chop 1 medium red onion
- chop a fair amount of dill pickles

- After an hour, remove your beets et al from the toaster and chop everything, mincing the garlic as well.

- Fill your bowl with spinach (if desired) and arugula (b/c it's the bomb!) 
- Layer in all other ingredients.

Also - add avocado and Parmesan for more taste elements! 

Enjoy warm or cold!


Hi, and welcome to KumoCafe's cooking with us!

Today we're going to make roast beet salad... kind of.

I got the idea from a place that we ate at in De Pere, Wisconsin, but also, and this is for real, I'm honest - a Guy Fieri recipe...

Which... Right?

It actually turned out really good, which was surprising to me.

And, it's pretty scrumptious, and tasty, and I think pretty healthy for the most part.

So we're gonna do that today and I'm changing it up just a little bit by adding... parsnips!

So, first we need to rinse off our beets.

Now I know a lot of people out there hate beets, my mom being one of those people...

But they're good, and they're good for you in a lot of different ways.

Leave them in their skin, cause once you cook them you can peel off the skin, or shave it off if you want...

Ok so we're using three beets... just the heads of the beets.

We're gonna roast them at 425 for about an hour with... rosemary!

I love rosemary so I'm gonna use more than one sprig, obviously.

You're gonna close all the tin foil around this when you cook it, and you're gonna impart - I actually but the rosemary in my salad.

I didn't use parsnips last time, but parsnips is a good root vegetable so I thought I would put in a little bit of parsnip this time and see.

We also add several garlic cloves.
And I do mean several.

We'll mince the garlic cloves after they've cooked.

We'll see how the parsnips work out with this.

Now we sprinkle on some olive oil...

That's a little bit more than a sprinkle, maybe.

We're gonna add some pepper.



Surprised me, water.

This time I'm gonna add a little bit more water than I did last time cause I really liked the way that all the flavoring turned out together.

Then we're gonna close this...
And then pop it into our toaster.


We're gonna cook some chickpeas.

I got reduced sodium chickpeas, even though last time I cooked all the juice off and ended up adding chicken broth, and it actually turned out good, so I might do that again, we'll see.

He's like, "not when you're filming me!"

He wants to play.

Brigly wants to play?


You might think you're done now, but you're not done.
Now comes the strange part of the other stuff you're gonna put in that doesn't need to be cooked.

Ok you ready?

'Cause it's time for Puppy-Chop!

I think people know how to do onions...

Probably. We're gonna mince them.

So Theron's mincing some purple onions...
And here's what's actually the strangest thing...

We're also chopping up dill pickles...

To go in our final product.

You don't want 'em too -
Well make 'em smaller, a little smaller than that. You know?

It's been an hour, so we're gonna take this out.

I also added less than half of a chicken bouillon cube to our chick peas because they're pretty good with just a little bit of added salt and flavor.

So while I'm waiting for them to cool I'm gonna mince my garlic.

I'm not even gonna mince it that much because, as you um probably know, once you cook garlic it's not as strong as like, raw garlic which is crazy strong.

Go team!

The fun part about this is that since we're eating lots of garlic and beans, we'll be farting on each other all night.

The parsnips really good!

It's really sweet.


Roasted parsnip.

Thanks babe.

Now for what makes this actually more of a salad...
We're gonna put some spinach and arugula.

Gonna put a little bit of spinach on the bottom.

And my arugula...

Is that good?
A bit more?

I love arugula.

We're gonna add our beets.

'Cause beets are the main thing about this whole thing.

Now we're gonna add our parsnip.

I'm gonna put some rosemary, do you want any rosemary?

'Cause rosemary is awesome!

Now I'm gonna add some chickpeas...

Which is what's gonna make all this... make our salad kind of wilt down a little bit.

I like to use the juice in mine 'cause it makes it like a salad dressing, kind of.

Not make a mess, not make a mess!

Your onion will get pushed to the sides of your bowl, so you'll have to be careful when you're eating it to make sure that you have... everything you want!

And pickles!

Don't worry, it actually is delicious.

I know you know because you've had this before.

I'm gonna put a little of the chickpea sauce on mine.

That's quite a bit.
That's quite a bit.

No no no no no no
No? OK.

Just a little Parmesan.

Yeah that's good.

We'll say it's good.

'Cause everything's better with avocado.

Oops I forgot the garlic!
I forgot the garlic.

Ok, here we go!

Try and get a little bit of everything, right?

Why not a lot of everything?

Try and get a lot of everything.

We may need a big spoon.

Mmm that's really good.
It's delicious.

Yeah, it doesn't need anything.

Uh uh.

It's really good.
Make it.

It's sweet, it's tart, it's creamy... and it's healthy.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of cooking with us!  And we'll see you next time.

Bon apetito!



It's Ok... You a good boy.

Go get your fishy!

Go get the toy.
Go get the fishy!

Huh yes the fishy!!

He did his little!!


This is everyday!
It is!

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