Monday, June 29, 2015

Cooking With Us - e38 - Nee's Fried Eggs

Fried eggs, spinach, and jalapenos

Hey guys!

Happy Monday!

To try and make your Monday a little more bright,
I am putting up a quick and simple recipe that
our friend Saowanee made a couple weeks ago as a side dish to her husband's Chicken and Pork Adobo, which I featured in our last update.

This is a really simple treat to prepare, and works just as well as a side dish as it would for 
a breakfast omelet (or dinner omelet, if that's your thing!).

As always, please watch hi-res, full screen, and share!

As you can see, this is a gorgeous and simple dish!

Photo-essay, recipe, and transcript follow!
Also: I'm going to try to keep updates coming every Monday and Thursday - so, here's to that!
Cheers :D

While I didn't start the episode this way, Nee introduced us to her young friend, Ivy,
 who moved here from China with her mom not too long ago!
Sorry for the bad screen grab, kiddo!

Now - for the foodstuffs!
You're going to need to start crackin' some eggs!

Six eggs, to be exact!

Then stir them up like a pro!

Next, add a few dashes of fish sauce!

Like so!
Aren't I impressive? - Holding a big camera in one hand while pouring in fish sauce with the other 
- aww yea!

We only had two jalapenos, but as they were large, it worked out perfectly!

Dice them up nicely and add them to your egg mixture.

Stir like the dickens!

She added in a 'little bit' of garlic powder, which I missed,
and also a very small amount of soy sauce!

Thankfully Jim got our lime juice opened for us, and a fair amount of said juice was added.

Then, in went two heaping handfuls of fresh spinach.

Mix it all up well!

Now, layer the bottom of a pot with oil.

When the oil is hot, add in your mixture.
We covered ours with a lid for a little while to keep the steam in.

After a bit, flip it over. 
The bottom should be fried, like such.
Now let it cook a little bit longer.

With all those gorgeous colors, it's a feast for the eyes - but even more so for the mouth!
Fried eggs with these simple, fresh ingredients and sauces = deliciousness!!
(And that's saying a lot for me, as I am not really an egg-fan!)

Don't be jealous - just go pick up the few ingredients necessary
and add this to your quick-meal repertoire!

Also, notice when cute little girls whisper your dog's name in his ear ;)

And be sure to give your awesome friend a high-five.
PS: Yes, Rosie is possessed.

See you on Thursday!

 In a mixing bowl add:
- 6 whole eggs
- 2 diced jalapenos
- a few dashes of fish sauce
- a little bit of garlic
- a small amount of soy sauce
- 2 large handfuls of spinach

Mix everything well as you go, and make sure it is mixed together super duper well before you fry it.

In a skilled or pot:
- pour in enough oil to coat the bottom of your pan and heat it up
- when it's hot, add in your mixture

You can cover this to let it steam a bit too.

- Flip and continue cooking a bit longer.

All in all this is a fast dish to make, and rather delicious!


What am I sposta say?

Hi, welcome to KumoCafe!

And what's it called?

Fried egg only.

Oh, fried egg!!  Ok cool!

Little bit of fish sauce going into our egg... fried egg...

How much is a little bit?

Yep! That.

And also jalapenos.

We only have two.

So you put in garlic powder?


How much?

A little bit, only!

Soy sauce, a little bit.

Lime juice?  It's supposed to open like that...
Oh there you go!


Yeah, I just can't do it.



Where the plates at?

Umm... there are some in there, get the red ones, the big red ones.


Ok cool!

Wow, not bad Jimbo.

Hi there.
Hi Brigly!!



Almost done.

Dos is two in Spanish.

Nee made us...
Thank you very much.

The fried egg!
Basically... and the beautiful salad.


Yep, it's gooood!

Make it!
Make both of the things.
Make all the things.

The first time Rosie come here she was tall like this...

Yeahh.. look at her

The first time, now she's 5 feet... feet three already!
She's almost as tall as me!
Five foot four!

Five foot four already!

Here you go.
Thank you.

She's taller than me now - even me now!

And Ivy is a new person to come here a lot.
She's new anywhere.

Hey where's me?  What about me?

You wanna come here all the a lot!

You're not new anymore!

Can you say hi to camera?



She's my helper!

She's not doing anything.
How's she gonna help??

And tongue!

You know tongue?


Brigly, Brigly.


Did you wash your hands just like you washed your hair?

Ok... the hands I did - not the hair!

Gimme a five!!



  1. Always looking for recipes with Jalapenos and fresh Spinach!

  2. Oh my gosh - I can't believe how big Rosie's gotten! That other little girl is so cute!